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Oran Ryan’s ‘One Inch Punch’ in Senate Debate

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Dublin novelist Oran Ryan’s latest novel One Inch Punch was discussed by Senator David Norris in a recent Seanad Debate ( http://tinyurl.com/bn8zskh ) on bullying.  On 14 November 2012, describing Oran as a talented novelist, Senator Norris went on to say that One Inch Punch is “a very subtle book, revolving entirely around the devastating impact of bullying on a child in a school for gifted children.” Senator Norris launched One Inch Punch on 15 November 2012, describing the books as “engaging”, “terribly funny . . . clever and quirky” and “heartbreaking in places”.  He also likened some passages to the work of Flann O’Brien.

Oran Ryan said “I am honoured that Senator Norris, a man I greatly admire agreed to launch One Inch Punch and am delighted that it was used in the Seanad to highlight the problem of bullying.  The issue is beginning to be highlighted in the media, but I believe that it is impossible to overstate the long term damage that bullying can cause and the fact that it affects people all of their lives.  This is something that needs to be communicated to teachers and bullies.”

One Inch Punch is based on Oran’s own experiences of being bullied at school.

Originally from Portobello, Dublin, Oran Ryan is now delighted to call East Wall, Dublin 3, home.  Oran attended school at Synge Street for both his primary and secondary school.  One Inch Punch is Oran’s 3rd novel, his others being The Death of Finn and Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger.

Seamus Cashman, publisher and editor said of The Death of Finn that it is “a serious and entertaining and perceptive novel of relationships and ideas and a book which will hold readers enthralled and awakened and they journey through it . . . [Oran Ryan] is a new and powerful voice in Irish literature”.

Actor and writer, Frank Kelly, said of Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger that it is “a stimulating and challenging novel that made me chuckle with its wry Beckett-like humour!

One Inch Punch, The Death of Finn and Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger are available through www.seventowers.ie.  Trade queries can also be made through the site and through (email)  info@seventowers.ie.

Seven Towers is a not for profit publishing house, based in East Wall in Dublin and run entirely by volunteers. Find out more about Seven Towers in our article here and their tips for selling books here .


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