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Storybud: The Children’s Story Website – and much more with Paul Halligan

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Paul Halligan is a blind father of 4 children who has always been interested in stories and storytelling. When his eldest child was 8 years old, Paul could no longer read her bedtime stories due to a  hereditary sight impairment R.P. Roll on to 2013  however when Paul found himself moving to in
Castlebar  in the West of Ireland. Aged 50+ (he says it takes too long to calculate!),  Paul found himself in GMIT Castlebar studying Business. One of the modules was Web Design and as Paul says “I suddenly realised why I was here…..and a dream came true”.

Paul, as mentioned, is visually impaired and has been using a white cane since about 20 years old but  he does not let it stop him from ‘doing his gig’ so when it comes to computers, a speech programme enables him to use a computer just like you and I. so when one of the assignments in the Business Studies course , a Web Design Module was to set up a 6 page website, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Storybud was born.

The site has all your favourite classic stories for children aged between 2 to 8, plus a stock of over 1000 stoires from around the world and its many cultures. But the content is not just text  stories, each story is also available in audio and combined text/audio. Paul believes the Internet and storytelling in general are to be shared and so runs the site as a totally non profit venture and the
content being in the public domain is free to download……he, and his young son and daughter have even written a few for the Storybud themselves.

Storybud is particularily accessible for visually impaired computer users, with buttons to change the background and foreground colours and functions to increase text size, although Paul stresses ‘it is for anyone, both young and not so young who love stories and storytelling’You will always be assured of new content because A new batch of stories is uploaded each week.

Here is a link to the Storybud website: www.storybud.org

Paul is also interested in radio and for the past 4 years has been involved with local community stations. He makes these programmes from home using a speech programme on his computer.

Storytime Express children’s radio programme

The programme is an hour long and each week contains a selection of stories from Storybud, aired on CRCFM each Saturday at 8am


There is also a Storytime Express website  where you can hear a previously aired radio programme, which is changed each week: www.storytimeexpressfm.org

But Paul is not just looking after younger listener; he is interested in old time radio programmes and is an avid audiobook listener, managing to get throught 1 or 2 books a week. So its not surprising
that he has expanded this interest into yet another radio programme and website.

Check out Tales at Twilight website and hear such classic shows as Dragnet, Boston Blackie, Sherlock
Holmes, Gunsmoke, The Saint, Harry Lime, Dimension X and much more.


For those of you who love Classic books, you will also find a link to a Classic audio book  which is also changed weekly. Of course there is a tales at twilight radio programme – Paul is a very busy man!
You can hear it on ccr radio www.ccr946.ie on Thursday 7pm and Saturday 8pm or on crcfm radio Friday 8pmwww.crcfm.ie

From his early years Paul has had an interest in all kinds of music, from Opera to jazz to Russian and Arabic with Irish, Country Brazilian and many more thrown in for good measure. So where would Paul be going without a music radio programme too!

The Mystery Train: starts off in Mayo and travels to . . . who knows where? A blend of all kinds of tracks,genres and musical locations Tuesday 8pm  and Friday 12 noon on www.ccr946.ie
And also on crcfm Sunday 5pm and Monday 9pm www.crcfm.ie

If you would like to contact Paul and get involved with the above websites and radio programmes, contact halliganp1@gmail.com or telephone 087 221 55 66.
Unfortunately, Paul is not in a position to pay for content, but he says it is a way of upcoming writers and poets to get their content out there.

‘There are many billions of campfires in our universe, around which stories are being told……..some people call them stars.’

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