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The Crime Thriller Book Title Generator

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By Tara Sparling

Stuck for a title for that crime novel you’re working on? Or perhaps you have no intentions whatsoever of writing a book, but find yourself preoccupied almost hourly with schemes and plans for murder, mayhem and wildly inventive violence. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a title to go along with your plotting?

Help is at hand – it’s The Crime Thriller Book Title Generator! Recently we had great fun when we ran Tara Sparling‘s Chick Lit Title Generator, now it’s time for crime…

All you need is a name, and a hypothetical desire to invent interesting characters… and then kill at least a few of them!

Tara says, “I apologise in advance for making the first word of everybody’s title just “The”. But there are rules, you know. We can’t just go changing 30 years of genre titling rules purely for entertainment purposes, no matter how much we want to. Your turn! What’s your title?”

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Crime Thriller Book Title Generator

(c) Tara Sparling

Tara Sparling writes novels, short fiction and screenplays. She spends all of her spare time with words – the writing of them, and the reading of them. This takes some of the harm out of the fact that her day job in finance is all about numbers: pushing them around, extracting meaning from them and sometimes insulting them.

Tara’s blog www.tarasparlingwrites.wordpress.com looks at best-selling book statistics, genre and thematic trends, literary and mathematical humour; exploring the realities of traditional and self-publishing, marketing tips, bizarre success stories, and spectacular failures.

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