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The Golden Age for Writers…is right now according to Esquire Magazine

Article by Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin © 27 December 2012 .
Posted in the Magazine ( · News for Writers ).

This is a bit of good news to brighten your new year – we can’t take the credit for it (although we heartily agree), Stephen Marche over at Esquire Magazine is the true spreader of cheer and goodwill.

He says: Writers have always been whiners. [Not sure we agree with that bit!] For nearly a hundred years, since at least the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the death of the novel has been presaged. And now, egged on by BuzzFeed and video games and just general hypercaffeinated, e-mail-all-the-time ADHD, the book is apparently, finally, about to die…Literary circles have been so full of pity for so long that they can’t accept the optimistic truth: We’re living in a golden age for writers and writing.

….In music, it’s a truism that technology liberated creators and listeners in magnificent ways but more or less ruined the industry in the process. Even big-name acts have struggled to adapt financially. But the world of writing has escaped this mess. Writers are prospering as never before, on all levels. At the very pinnacle, J.K. Rowling is a billionaire. She is richer than the queen of England. A little lower down the scale, Tom Wolfe was paid $7 million for his last novel. Just to put that in perspective, Charles Dickens’s net worth when he died would be about $10 million today. And for writers starting out, there are more options, more means of access to the marketplace, than ever before. With Fifty Shades of Grey and a whole whack of other e-book miracles, self-publishing has almost lost its stigma.

….A massive process of literary rebirth is under way…

The whole article is a must read and contains some natty diagrams on readership that will get you reaching for your pen the minute the turkey is cooked.

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Read all of Stephen’s article here:  http://www.esquire.com/features/thousand-words-on-culture/writing-careers-1212#ixzz2FDQUDB8E
(apologies to anyone who checked this link and it was broken – all better now!)