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By Tara Sparling

Are you sometimes intimidated by literary fiction? Do you feel that popular or genre fiction such as Crime and Chick-Lit is unfairly derided? Or that Lit-Fic can be inaccessible and, well, trying just a bit TOO hard to be brainy?

Well, it’s time to get your own back, by wielding your very own unique and personalised Brainy Book Title from The Literary Fiction Book Title Generator (Genius Edition) !

We’ve previously run Tara Sparling’s Chick Lit Title Generator and her Crime Thriller Title Generator, but now you canow your friends with the unlimited potential of the highbrow-sounding book you may never write – inspire the Intelligentsia with a novel title which is yards better than anything actually published!

Impress yourself with the sheer depth of unwritten fathomable truths behind your hypothetical work of literary brilliance!

What’s your title?

Tweet us your results @writing_ie!

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(c) Tara Sparling

Tara Sparling writes novels, short fiction and screenplays. She spends all of her spare time with words – the writing of them, and the reading of them. This takes some of the harm out of the fact that her day job in finance is all about numbers: pushing them around, extracting meaning from them and sometimes insulting them.

Tara’s blog looks at best-selling book statistics, genre and thematic trends, literary and mathematical humour; exploring the realities of traditional and self-publishing, marketing tips, bizarre success stories, and spectacular failures.


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