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What’s in a Name? Fun ChickLit Title Generator

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Ah: titles. The easiest part of the book to write. Right? All you have to do is pick, say, one to twelve words. Just make them clever, catchy, evocative, and a one-way ticket to making your book a block-busting bestseller. Easy!

If only there was some magic formula you could use to find a winning title for your book…

Well, what do you know? It just so happens that there is a foolproof way of getting that title for the chick-lit sensation of 2014; or indeed that romantic weepy set to reduce a million readers to sobbing messes this year. The Chick-Lit Book Title Generator is here!

They say everybody has a book in them – well, they certainly have a title! What’s yours?!

ChickLit Book Title Generator


We asked some Irish women’s fiction authors to share their titles with us, and here’s what they came up with:

Clodagh Murphy author of Some Girls Do : How Clouds Might Tell

Sarah Webb: And Smiles Might Run

Sinead Moriarty: Where Promises Can’t Tell

And Writing.ie’s Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin: Some Trust Should Fall


(c) Tara Sparling

Tara Sparling writes novels, short fiction and screenplays. She spends all of her spare time with words: the writing of them, and the reading of them. However, her day job in finance is built around numbers – pushing them around, extracting meaning from them and generally insulting them.

Tara’s blog www.tarasparlingwrites.wordpress.com looks at best-selling book statistics, genre and thematic trends, literary and mathematical humour; exploring the realities of traditional and self-publishing, marketing tips, bizarre success stories and spectacular failures.

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