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Write Here, Write Now: A Huge Success!

Article by Writing IE Admin © 21 February 2020 Maria McHale .
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Over the past week, there have been over 75 committed writers taking part in the Write Here, Write Now challenge each and every day.

It’s been difficult. Some didn’t quite manage the daily task. Some found that life didn’t respect their commitment at all. And some are lacking in confidence and belief and have been lurking and hopefully feeling inspired!

For a bunch of the group, it’s been a big success. They tackled each and every task, motivated and inspired by being in a group of like-minded people.

But no matter how it went, everyone has one thing in common: They now have words on the page that weren’t there a week ago!

That is the joy of community.

Many of the writers who joined us for the challenge said they were feeling unmotivated to write and struggling to find writing time.

Community is powerful.

Led by best-selling author Sam Blake, aka Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, and journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale, the big group success this week was the buzz of being in it together, we had people WITH us, cheerleading and supporting the whole group.

Community is essential if we want to grow in our writing.

Author Kelly Link recently shared her top ten tips for debut authors and guess what? One of her tips was find a community! She said: “Yes, writing is terrible, but writer friends are amazing. They will help you write difficult emails. They will swear a blood oath with you to tell the truth when your book is batshit crazy. They will help you write speeches like this one. Over the course of your career, even though it will be long and happy and without roadblocks of any kind, you will need writer friends.” You can find all her tips here.

Being in a community provides things that we cannot possibly get enough of on our own, the things that will keep our writing habit strong for months and years to come.

1. Support and Structure

Knowing that a gang has your back cannot be underestimated! When you leave your writing to the last thing on the list, it can fall off the end, all day every day.

Being in a group with structure and progress build in, means that you are always pushing ahead and working on something. There’s the knowledge that if you slow or stall, you have someone who can listen to you and provide practical support on how to move you forward so that you keep on progressing.

2. Prompts and Inspiration

There’s so much learning in a group.

Other writers tell stories that we can never imagine.

They also tell stories in ways and voices that aren’t native to us and our own style.

By seeing other storytellers share their work and describe their process, we gain the benefit of a perspective that we could not possibly gain on our own.

And we gain insight into the craft of writing, too, when our community involves critiquing and offering suggestions on another’s work. Sharing our work, we can think of what we’d do differently, and by composing thoughtful criticism and being supportive, we grow in our ability to serve other writers and ourselves with practical tips that move our writing on in leaps and bounds.

3. Encouragement

Making art is a lonely experience.

The vision is yours alone. The talent is yours. The creation process is often tedious, fruitless, and requires sacrifice.

But in a community, we know that we are not alone, nor do we have to be lonely!

We have a gang!  We can share our passion for an idea, or a character, or a social justice issue, and bring it to life with near-immediate feedback coming our way.

Healthy writing communities get authors going again when their art, or their personal lives, are exhausted and burnt out. I can’t tell you how many times the members of Writers Ink, the amazing writing community here at Writing.ie, have shared details of their own struggles, and then were greeted with incredible compassion and love by their fellow writers.

We need each other!

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