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The Prisoner of Brenda by Colin Bateman
Posted by Kevin Massey in .

The Prisoner of Brenda is the fourth book in Colin Bateman’s Mystery Man series; following the adventures of Belfast’s leading purveyor of crime fiction who also happens to be the...

Dunphy: A Football Life by Jared Browne
Posted by Kevin Massey in , , .

Dunphy: A Football is not a just book for football fans, though they will certainly enjoy it, it is more of a character study, aiming to give insight into one...

The Flora of County Fermanagh by Ralph S. Forbes and Robert H. Northridge
Posted by Séamas Mac Annaidh in , .

This is a big book in every sense of the word. It weighs 4.25 kilos and has 864 glossy full-colour pages. It has 15 introductory chapters which put the authors’...

Rebecca’s Rules by Anna Carey
Posted by Megan in .

Rebecca’s Rules Have you ever joined a school musical just so you can spend time with friends while trying to get over your boyfriend who is moving to Canada? Meet...

Under the Hawthorn Tree
Posted by Megan in .

When the great famine strikes Eily, Michael and Peggy are left to fend for themselves when their mother is forced to go out looking for their father to help them....

Chop-chop, Madcap!
Posted by Megan in .

Chop-chop, Madcap! Madgie Cappock a.k.a. Mad Cap is a rambunctious tomboy who is addicted to chocolate and origami. Together with her best friend Norbert Soup they attempt to set up...

“Back To Blackbrick” by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Posted by Ben Moore in , .

If I had not loved my sister’s book I would have avoided writing a review about it. “Back To Blackbrick” is the story of 12 year old Cosmo and the...

Alberta Clipper by Sheena Lambert
Posted by Janet E. Cameron in , .

Alberta Clipper is a sweet modern romance set in present day Dublin. It is told from the point of view of two characters: Christine, a meteorologist working for an investment...

Everything is Free
Posted by James Lawless in .

This is an engrossing, suspenseful and beautifully written story. It is centred in a superstore representing a self contained world where the rootless young Mel finds comfort and a home...

Lifesaving for Beginners, Ciara Geraghty
Posted by Christine Mills, Hughes and Hughes Dundrum in .

Ciara Geraghty’s new novel is written in the two voices of her main characters. Kat Kavanagh (alias Killian Kobain) is a very successful crime writer, only nobody knows except Kat...