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Chances by Freya North
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

Sharing a business with ex-lover, Tim, is a disaster for Vita. How can she possibly move on when he’s popping into their souvenir shop every day? Though she shed the...

Between You And Me by Margaret Scott
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

Holly Green is a hotshot auditor, scrutiny being her middle name. If there’s a loophole or scam to be discovered, Holly seldom fails. Irish born and bred, Holly has spent...

Any Dream Will Do by Maria Duffy
Posted by Mary Malone in , .

Choosing a favourite read of 2011 is a difficult but not impossible task. Any Dream Will Do by Maria Duffy, published by Hachette, is one I can highly recommend. Debut...

Starstruck by Lauren Conrad
Posted by MeganPunzet in .

Three girls, one TV show, all bad publicity. Madison Parker, Kate Hayes and Carmen Curtis are the stars of the reality TV show The Fame Game and they are all...

Angel All Year by Sally Clements
Posted by Maria Perry Mohan in , .

A lovely, almost seasonal novella from Sally Clements, considering it was released near Christmas. This is more in the paranormal/fantasy type category of romance. It almost reads like the contemporary...

Gone by Michael Grant
Posted by Megan Punzet in , .

In the small town of Perdido Beach everyone over 15 suddenly disappears. With a barrier trapping everyone inside, gangs start bullying and tormenting youngsters, animals start to strangely evolve and...

Forbidden Friends by Anne-Marie Conway
Posted by Megan Punzet in , .

Lizzie is home-schooled and is completely bored. Her dad has a fierce temper and she definitely doesn’t want to go back to Spain again for her brother Luke’s anniversary, like...

The Colours of Corruption by Jacqueline Jacques
Posted by Chris Mills (Tales from the Landing Bookshelves) in , .

Jacqueline Jacques’ sixth novel is a gripping crime novel set in Victorian England, with a fascinating cast of characters who occupy the less salubrious areas of up-and coming Walthamstow, London....

Alex by Pierre Lemaitre – A Review by Critical Mick
Posted by A Critical Mick “Unruly Review” of Alex, by Pierre LeMaitre in , .

Parisian Psycho: A Critical Mick “Unruly Review” of Alex, by Pierre LeMaitre Alex sets down the wig. For no reason her hands are trembling. She’d being ridiculous. The guy fancies...

Back to Blackbrick by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Posted by Megan Punzet & Aisling Kelly in , .

Cosmo has lived with his grandparents ever since his mum moved to Australia after his older brother Brian died. When granddad’s forgetfulness gets worse Cosmo tries everything to help him...