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All Over Again by Emma Heatherington
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in , .

Second Chances are at the centre of Emma Heatherington latest fiction title. Hailing from Northern Ireland, the author has pitched her novel in the picturesque seaside town of Castlebay on...

A Year Like No Other by Pauline Lawless, Poolbeg
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in , .

A Year Like No Other is a gem from Pauline Lawless. Returning to the bookshelves with a book set in the glitzy city of Paris, she invites her readers to join...

Winter Flowers by Carol Coffey
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in , .

With a gripping opening, Winter Flowers launches the reader directly into the troubled life of two little brothers, Luke and Jack. Their mother, Hazel, has yet another drunken boyfriend’ around for the...

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway
Posted by Helen Corcoran, Dubray Books Grafton St in , .

Joe Spork, the son of a deceased criminal, repairs clocks and lives a quiet life in an uninspiring part of London. Edie Banister lives a similarly unassuming life but memories...

The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson
Posted by Helen Bradshaw, Dubray Books Dun Laoghaire in , .

North Korea is one of the most cloistered nations in the world, offering propaganda as information both at home and abroad. In this novel, Adam Johnson tears a slit in...

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
Posted by Bobbie Ryan, Dubray Books Bray in , .

This beautifully written, tender love story, set in Seattle during a dark period of American history, treats its subject and its characters with great sensitivity. Henry feels he is an...

The Illumination by Kevin Brockmeier
Posted by Tony O’Neill, Dubray Books Blackrock in , .

In this intriguing novel, we are treated to a truly unique reading experience. Carol Ann Page is alone and in hospital, light issuing from her wounds. All over the world,...

The House of Dust and Dreams by Brenda Reid
Posted by Aileen Smyth, Dubray Books Rathmines in , .

Newly-wed Evadne finds life in Athens with Hugh, her diplomat husband, to be both stifling and unsatisfying.  Dispatched briefly to Crete on the cusp of World War Two, they stay...

The Cove by Ron Rash
Posted by Matthew Ziruk, Dubray Books Galway in , .

Siblings Laurel and Hank live on their late parents’ farm at the Cove, in the permanent shadow of a high cliff in the mountains of North Carolina. Hank is trying...

Not Quite a Fairy Tale by Cee Liddy (Penguin)
Posted by Chris Mills, Hughes and Hughes Dundrum in , .

Cee Liddy’s first novel follows his well-received collection of short stories entitled I Love you but… (40 fights between husbands and wives). This is a modern fairy-ish tale (it begins...