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The Trap by Kimberley Chambers
Posted by Louise Phillips in .

The Trap by Kimberley Chambers, is the first book in a hard-hitting series about murder, treachery and the kings of East London underworld, the Butlers. The Butlers play dirty and...

Fire and Ice by John Joyce
Posted by Christine Mills, Hughes and Hughes Dundrum in .

This new novel from John Joyce is set during the potentially disastrous Cuban missile crisis. Central to the story are the secret telepathic experiments conducted as an aid to warfare....

Boycott: There are Many Ways to Fight a War by Colin C. Murphy
Posted by Patricia Byrne in , .

On the surface, Colin C. Murphy’s historical novel, Boycott, is about the passive resistance campaign of late 1880 by the Land League against land agent Captain Charles Boycott of Lough...

After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross
Posted by Megan Punzet in , .

What would you do if your only hope of survival was to either hide and grow food or to steal it? Would you rather stay at home hungry and barely...

The Sandoval Sisters’ Secret of Old Blood
Posted by Dr. Michele Shaul, Professor, Department of Foreign Languages Queens University of Charlotte in .

Sandra Ramos O’Briant’s debut novel The Sandoval Sisters’ Secret of Old Blood sets the stage for a fascinating series about Anglo/Hispanic interaction in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the struggle...

Blood and Groom by Jill Edmondson
Posted by Lawrence Wray in .

I started reading it one day and finished it the next, not because it was short, but it really was an unputdownable easy read. Not the type of book I’d...

Safe House
Posted by Christine Mills, Hughes and Hughes Dundrum in .

This thriller is set mainly on the Isle of Man, which appealed to me as a welcome change in crime novel scene. I was disappointed though, that Chris Ewan did...

The Prisoner of Brenda by Colin Bateman
Posted by Kevin Massey in .

The Prisoner of Brenda is the fourth book in Colin Bateman’s Mystery Man series; following the adventures of Belfast’s leading purveyor of crime fiction who also happens to be the...

Dunphy: A Football Life by Jared Browne
Posted by Kevin Massey in , , .

Dunphy: A Football is not a just book for football fans, though they will certainly enjoy it, it is more of a character study, aiming to give insight into one...

The Flora of County Fermanagh by Ralph S. Forbes and Robert H. Northridge
Posted by Séamas Mac Annaidh in , .

This is a big book in every sense of the word. It weighs 4.25 kilos and has 864 glossy full-colour pages. It has 15 introductory chapters which put the authors’...