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The Taking of Annie Thorne by CJ Tudor
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘Because when my sister was eight years old, she disappeared. At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen. And then she came back……’  The...

The Mum Who Got Her Life Back by Fiona Gibson
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘An empty nest has never been so much fun! A fresh start. A new man. Could it be too good to be true?’ A thoroughly feel-good book folks, brimming with...

The Binding by Bridget Collins
Posted by Kate Vickers in , .

The Binding is a highly original, beautifully descriptive novel that serves to immerse you in an alternate historical world where memories, distasteful and painful, can be gently teased away and...

The Silver Road by Stina Jackson
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

‘Even the darkest journey must come to an end….. A sun that never sets A daughter that never came home A father that never stops looking – Lelle A new...

The Courier by Kjell Ola Dahl
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , , .

‘Ester can see part of her father’s face through the bars on the window. The hairline, the fringe over his forehead and the top of his glasses. That is when...

Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak
Posted by Dymphna Nugent in , .

‘In the beginning there was one murderer, one mule and one boy.’ Following the death of their mother and the withdrawal of their father from their lives, the five Dunbar...

Darkest Truth by Catherine Kirwan
Posted by Swirl and Thread in , .

He will do anything to protect his secrets. She will stop at nothing to expose the truth. Because these are powerful people she is trying to expose. And they’re willing...

The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan
Posted by Emmet James Driver in , .

DI Cormac Reilly returns in Dervla McTiernan’s much anticipated sequel to last year’s The Ruin. In her first novel, McTiernan did something which a lot of modern crime fiction tries...

The Binding by Bridget Collins
Posted by Dymphna Nugent in , .

‘We take memories and bind them. We take those memories and put them where they can’t do any more harm. That’s all books are.’ Seredith lives in the marshlands of...

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker
Posted by Dymphna Nugent in , .

The plot starts as many plots do, on a college campus where a girl takes a nap after an alcohol fuelled party. What differs from this plot is that this...