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Death Knocks Twice by Robert Thorogood
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Two dead bodies.  A family of suspects. One grumpy detective. Robert Thorogood is back with the latest ‘Death in Paradise’Mystery, seeing the return of DI Richard Poole. Death Knocks Twice is a murder...

The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker
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‘I am a thief, a murderer, a kidnapper. I’ve killed for fun, I’ve killed out of necessity. I have killed for hate. I have killed simply to satisfy the need...

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
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‘Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.’ #1 New York Times Bestseller, All The Light We Cannot See, is a novel I received as...

The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse
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The Art of Hiding is just published by Lake Union Publishing and is a story about one woman and her struggle to keep her family together after a terrible tragedy befalls...

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde by Eve Chase
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Applecote Manor, a place that nestles among the trees in the Cotswold. For Jessie it is the perfect house to raise her family, a place that she can envision evenings...

Not A Sound by Heather Gudenkauf
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‘Silence is deadly’  Not A Sound is the new thriller from Heather Gudenkauf, published in paperback by HQ (Harper Collins Imprint) on 13th July 2017. ‘A story where chilling secrets unravel, Not...

The Constant Soldier by William Ryan
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 ‘He knew he was lucky. The rest of the battalion had been surrounded near Korsun. Some of them must have got out – some always did. But he heard nothing...

The Ludlow Ladies’ Society by Ann O’ Loughlin
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‘A heartwarming tale which will provoke tears and laughter in equal measure’ The Ludlow Ladies’ Society is the latest novel from Irish author Ann O’ Loughlin. With two bestselling novels...

Theatre Review of Once, the Musical by Sheena Lambert
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Review of Once, the Musical for www.writing.ie by Sheena Lambert www.sheenalambertauthor.com This is writing.ie, and so even the theatre reviews generally focus on the writing side of things, but an...

The Stolen Girls by Patricia Gibney
Posted by Margaret Bonass Madden in , .

It is DI Lottie Parker’s first day back at work after after a traumatic ordeal and things are not going well. Already late to work, she finds a young woman...