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All The Wicked Girls by Chris Whitaker
Posted by Swirlandthread in , .

‘Sometimes ordinary lives hide the darkest secrets.’ All The Wicked Girls is the latest novel from Chris Whitaker, author of the highly acclaimed debut Tall Oaks and is published by Bonnier...

Yesterday by Felicia Yap
Posted by Swirlandthread in , .

‘How do you solve a murder when you can only remember yesterday?’ Yesterday is the debut thriller from Felicia Yap. Just published by Wildfire (Headline Publishing imprint), Yesterday is described...

The Spark Girl by Fiona Ford
Posted by Swirlandthread in , , .

‘Can her fight for the country fix her broken heart?’ The first in a series of wartime sagas, The Spark Girl is a novel by Fiona Ford, recently published with...

I Know A Secret by Tess Gerritsen
Posted by Swirlandthread in , .

‘I understood all too well what the killer was telling me: Tell no secrets, or you die like the others…’  I Know A Secret is #12 in Tess Gerritsen’s fab series...

The Little Gaucho Who Loved Don Quixote by Margarita Meklina
Posted by Suzy O’ Mullane in , , .

Set in Russia in the early 20th century, The Little Gaucho Who Loved Don Quixote by Russian writer Margarita Meklina describes the life and time of Naftali and his family,...

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica
Posted by Margaret Bonass Madden in , .

Clara’s husband and four-year-old daughter are involved in a single-car collision, where only Maisie survives. The police say that Nick was driving too fast on a dangerous stretch of road...

The Woman at Number 24 by Juliet Ashton
Posted by Margaret Bonass Madden in , .

A Georgian villa in Notting Hill. A mixed bunch of residents. A houseful of stories. Sarah lives on the floor above her ex-husband and his new wife. She is supposedly...

Gather The Daughters by Jennie Melamed
Posted by Swirlandthread in , .

‘EVERY SUMMER, THE GIRLS RUN WILD. THEY KNOW IT COULD BE THEIR LAST’. Gather The Daughters is the debut novel from Jennie Melamed. Just published by Tinder Press, it is described as ‘dark...

A Sauce Stealer by Margarita Meklina
Posted by Fred Johnston in , , .

The short story never died, though some commentators rather glory in the notion that in Ireland it is undergoing a renaissance.  In Europe, the form has always had a seat...

Behind Her Back by Jane Lythell
Posted by Swirlandthread in , , .

Lies, betrayal, scandal. It’s all in a day’s work. Author Jane Lythell is back with her next installment in the very enjoyable StoryWorld series, following on from Woman of the Hour (StoryWorld #1). Behind Her...