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A Cage of Roots by Matt Griffin

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By Mia Madden, BleachHouseLibrary.Blogspot.ie

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Review from Mia Madden, aged 11.
This book is about a twelve year old girl named Ayla who has been buried alive, deep underground. Forced to eat boiled puke by horrible, spindly-legged goblins, running out of air and being threatened to be cut to ribbons, Ayla has never been so scared in her life. Meanwhile, above ground, Ayla’s three friends and three uncles have noticed her disappearance and are taking it quite seriously. Benvy, Finny and Sean have no idea what is going on when told ancient tales, sent on quests for their lives and being lost underground before Ireland was actually Ireland. Luckily, uncles Taig, Fergus and Lann are there to encourage, teach and guide them on their mission to save their friend. Will they make it in time before Ayla ceases to exist?

I enjoyed this book as it was very well written. It has extremely detailed pictures at the start of each chapter and it’s in those chapters there are pages of intrigue. It’s a brilliant book, that’s set in Ireland, though the main character is American. With stories of fear, hope, loss, fun, adventure, action, battles, betrayal, mystery and triumph, this is an amazing novel with a perfect cliffhanger ending.
I recommend this for readers age 10+.

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