A Kind of Drowning by Robert Craven

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By Grace O'Reilly

Written by the talented Robert Craven, A Kind of Drowning is available on Kindle and Amazon.  The cover design is by Design for Writers.  Originally, A Kind of Drowning was supposed to be a short story but Craven saw the potential for a novel and the short story spiralled into a great book.

This book is a brilliant read.  A great book for fans of detective, crime and thrillers.  It is pacey, and extremely well written.  Craven’s use of words is typically Irish which adds to its charm.

Set in Ireland, an alcoholic suspended super intendent garda, is ‘holidaying’ in a small secluded place called Roscarrig.  He is here to try and figure out the mess that his life has become, and for a change, a break in life.  “To Recuperate”, his doctor said.  With his crumbling marriage and his teenage son not speaking to him after putting his coach in a coma, what else does Crowe have?  Definitely not a people person, he takes up a post working in a diner café called the Boogie Woogie, after he sees an add looking for someone.  While there he meets a 19-year-old girl called Thea, who he instantly has a soft spot for.  Thea is a happy, bubbly person and calls Crowe ‘Mr Grumpy’.  Thea has Down syndrome.

A short while after meeting Thea, she is reported missing, and her body is finally found days later by a fisherman.  They say that it was a tragic accident, yet something in Crowe’s police mentality says that this is a case of foul play, and possibly murder.  He tries to do some unofficial, undercover detective work and comes up with more than a few interesting finds, but what will the outcome be?

Robert Craven has a host of other titles to his name and a few series books too.  These series include ‘The wartime adventures of Eva Molenaar’, ‘Steampunk’ and ‘Holt’.  A Kind of Drowning is Robert Craven’s first in the P.J Crowe series, so watch out for the next P.J Crowe book…

Robert is a member of the Writer’s Union and more can be found about the author and his works on his website https://www.robert-cravenauthor.ie/

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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