A Winter to Remember by Roisin Meaney

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A Winter to Remember by Roisin Meaney

By Mairéad Hearne (Swirl and Thread)

A Winter to Remember by Roisin Meaney

A Winter to Remember by Roisin Meaney is published with Hachette Ireland and is described as ‘a heart-warming festive read’.

Roisin Meaney is known and loved for writing warm and beautifully crafted novels. In A Winter to Remember, she weaves characters from her previous books into the story, all blending and crossing paths in the most delightful way. If you have read The Restaurant and The Book Club you will immediately find yourself back in The Food of Love, the charming restaurant owned by Emily Feeney.

Life has moved on for Emily and she now lives with her partner Bill and his grandson Pip. She still runs her beloved restaurant but she no longer lives upstairs. When she advertises for lodgers, couple Lil Noonan and Tom McLysaght are first to apply, and immediately move in, delighted to have found such a suitable home.

Emily has built a new life for herself after a previously bad relationship. She loves her job, she is content with her life and she loves Bill. Emily hopes that someday she will have a family with Bill, especially after falling head-over-heels in love with Pip. But Emily’s life is thrown up in a heap when Bill’s daughter, Christine, returns to the fold. Christine is a troubled individual but now wants to make a step forward and do the right thing. Bill wants her back but Emily is unsure. She has seen in the past how damaged Christine is and the pain she has caused Bill. Emily is protective of Bill and Pip, but Christine is Bill’s daughter. Decisions are made, some more painful than others, but are they the right ones?

Lil and Tom are making a fresh start together, both wanting to block out their respective pasts. But you can never run too far from your memories. Lil gets a job in the local library and tries to settle into this new life but Lil is always afraid that the bubble will burst. Lil has very little confidence in herself, questioning many aspects of her life and of her and Tom’s future together. Can they have a happy-ever-after? Or will the pain of the past keep resurfacing, keeping its tight grip on their lives?

Heather, Emily’s best friend, is struggling. She knows she should be happy with her life and the family she has created for herself but she is now having doubts. With her mother landing in on top of her from The States, Heather is overwhelmed. When she receives a very unexpected message from an old friend, Heather’s curiosity is piqued, setting in motion a ripple effect that could potentially destroy everything she once loved. How much is Heather prepared to risk?

A Winter to Remember is set in the weeks coming up to Christmas, so you can’t help but think of sleigh bells and twinkling fairy lights when turning the pages, but this is not specifically a Christmas book. Roisin Meaney always creates gorgeous atmospheric reads and, although there are many difficult themes, all handled sensitively, the story is imbued with optimism, warmth and humour. There is a very strong message about the need for community and the importance of having someone to stand up for you and be there for you when times get tough. We all need a Heather in our lives!

A Winter to Remember by Roisin MeaneyA Winter to Remember is another delightful, reassuring and uplifting read from Roisin Meaney, with her unique voice filtering through the pages. Life is messy, relationships are messy and families are most definitely messy. Mixing life’s entanglements with a wonderful cast of characters, A Winter to Remember is ultimately a heartening read with hope in spades. Life can be painful, but also a joyful experience, especially if you are willing to open yourself up to new possibilities and adventures!

(c) Mairéad Hearne (Swirl and Thread)

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