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Advocate to Win: 10 Tools to Ask for What You Want and Get It by Heather Hansen

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By Bonnie Jo Davis

Heather Hansen is the best-selling author of The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself and Advocate to Win is a great follow-up.

Heather is the premier expert on how to advocate for your big ideas. She is the CEO and founder of Advocate to Win and has given thousands of clients the knowledge and tools they need to become better advocates and win support, attention, loyalty, and engagement for their big ideas.

The book opens with a powerful statement “Life has so much to offer. Some of us go after it and get it. But for the vast majority of us—we just dream about what we want. Or worse, we’re afraid to even admit we want anything beyond what we have. We just shuffle through the status quo, knowing there’s more out there, but not knowing how to ask for it, get it, or even define it.

These are truths that cannot be ignored if you want to live the life you want and deserve. Heather uses personal stories of her time as an award-winning trial attorney, media consultant and coach and many of them will strike a chord with you. Her goal is to help you become your own best advocate and she gives you the tools you need to do just that.

This book is arranged beautifully. Each chapter includes a precedent and summary so that there is a smooth flow throughout the book.  The Table of Contents include:

Introduction: You Are Your Best Advocate

Chapter 1: Elegance

Chapter 2: Words

Chapter 3: Perspective

Chapter 4: Questions

Chapter 5: Credibility

Chapter 6: Evidence

Chapter 7: Reception

Chapter 8: Presentation

Chapter 9: Negotiation

Chapter 10: Argument

Conclusion: Ending with Elegance

My overall favorite part of the book are the stories. It is so much easier to learn from the experiences of others if you are willing to listen with your heart and your head. My favorite chapter is Chapter 4: Questions because it begins with a story that is about Heather herself as a child. She takes a brave step even though she is nervous and when she did, she discovered the power of questions.

This is an excellent book for anyone to read but I think it would be particularly helpful to people starting high school or college so they can become brave and make their dreams come true while they are still young. This book also makes a great gift for a birthday or holidays because everyone should read it.

(c) Bonnie Jo Davis

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