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Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang by Nick East

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By Olivia Hope

‘The foxes are coming this way!’… ‘And they have a s-s-splurge gun!’

As a WI6 agent, Weasel knew only too well the awesome power of these nasty weapons.

If a flock of pigeons has ever plopped on you all at once, then you know what it’s like to be hit by a fearsome splurge gun.

Residents of the United Woodlands are in terror and it’s all over the woodland news – from rabbit warrens filled with itching powder to sleeping badgers having their bottoms shaved; there is mischief afoot and those feet belong to the fiendish fox gang (FFG).  Thankfully WI6 – woodland intelligence for those of us not in the know, has its best agent on the case. Deep inside Flaky Bark cottage Agent Weasel is poised to save the day. Unfortunately, being poised is not Agent Weasel’s strong point, as H, head honcho hedgehog at WI6 can testify, but fortunately, Agent Weasel’s sidekick and best friend, Doorkins, is far more responsible and less accident prone in his behaviour.

Whilst undercover in the darkest corner of the United Woodlands, Agent Weasel and Doorkins spot an FFG truck full of FFG members armed with poop-loaded splurge guns, when they themselves are inadvertently spotted by the FFG. Captured and in the foxes’ hideout, Agent Weasel’s and Doorkins are at the mercy of Vic and Viv, two of the FFG’s less than bright, henchmen, er henchfoxes. However, a literal underground spy support network, comprised of a ferociously strong army of stag beetles and Agent Mole are all ready to spring, er dig into action.

Agent Weasel is a cracking illustrated middle-grade book for younger readers who have made the leap to reading on their own. There are wonderfully comic scenes with hysterical characters and a reader is never more than a page turn away from East’s action-filled art. Agent Weasel is the first book in a series and is crammed with slapstick humour while still giving a nod to great spy stories. It is raucous, quick moving and leaves the reader wondering if Agent Weasel stands any chance of intercepting the Fiendish Fox Gang’s glamourous leader; Madame Vixen Von Fluff, on her way to flatten everyone at the Autumn Big Bash Best in Show. Keep an eye out for more from Agent Weasel and Nick East very soon.

(c) Olivia Hope

Olivia Hope is a children’s writer from Killarney, Co. Kerry. She was once an international athlete, has been a teacher of all subjects; from English to ice-cream making, and has worked in a variety of scenarios from nurseries (plants and children, although not at the same time unless you count the daffodil incident) to nursing homes. She writes for all ages and her picturebook ‘Be Wild, Little One’ will be published by Bloomsbury in 2020. Follow her on twitter @OliviaMHope.

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