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Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords by Laura Ellen Anderson

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By Caitriona Kalogeraki

This book is the second book in a six-book series. Amelia Fang is such a nice vampire, and she will always help others if she can. Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords is the continuing adventures of Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball, as she now tries to save the Queen.

Amelia and her friends need to go to the Kingdom of the Light to rescue the Queen, but with the creatures of the light still afraid of the creatures of the dark, they must wear costumes so as not to frighten them.

The Amelia Fang books all have some very funny elements. Some are laugh out loud! The story is filled with lots of characters, each with different and interesting personalities. Outside of Amelia, I like two very funny unicorns called Ricky and Graham.

In this mystery, the big questions are, why has the Queen gone missing, and who is the real villain??

Roll on the next book in the series, Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief.

As with the first book in the series, I rate this book five out of five stars.

Again, I could recommend this second book in the six-book series to be suitable for reading ages 7 – 9.

(c) Caitriona Kalogeraki – Aged 8

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