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Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway

Article by Helen Corcoran, Dubray Books Grafton St ©.
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Joe Spork, the son of a deceased criminal, repairs clocks and lives a quiet life in an uninspiring part of London. Edie Banister lives a similarly unassuming life but memories and thoughts of her past life as a spy are never far from her mind.  When Joe fixes an unusual automaton for Edie that turns out to be a Doomsday device, their humdrum lives are radically transformed and in perilous danger. The characters in Angelmaker are superb, particularly that of Edie who, at the age of almost ninety, still wields a pistol with the utmost of confidence, while viewing the world with the detachment of a spy. Although the book is set in modern times, it has a wonderfully dark, humorous atmosphere with definite hints of noir. The writing is like clockwork, ticking and winding and counting down to a fantastic ending.