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Anna by Amanda Prowse

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‘There are two sides to every story. This is Anna’s story.’

Amanda Prowse has done something a little different this time. Anna tells the story of ‘One Love……Two Stories’ from Anna’s perspective but in April we will get the opportunity to read it from the other side, we get to read Theo’s story.

Amanda Prowse has been dubbed the queen of emotional drama, with all her novels dealing very sensitively with life and all it’s ups & downs. Anna is her latest novel that I have no doubt will pull on the toughest of heartstrings.

Read on for my thoughts on Anna

Anna Cole is a small girl with big dreams. Sharing a flat with her mother and big brother Joe, Anna is happy. Oblivious to the immediate world around her, Anna is wrapped up in the warmth of her mother’s love, a happy little girl with little concern for anything but her teddy bears and playtime. But Anna’s world is about to change in a way she could never have imagined. Experiencing life like no child should ever have to, Anna ends up in care, lost and alone in a world that has stolen all her happiness.

Anna Cole withdraws into a shell, avoiding relationships, avoiding the possibility of loving and losing again.

‘Nothing can break me because I’m already broken. I’m dust.’

As she grows up she makes a decision that her life will not be like her mother’s. Only too aware that life can change in a moment, Anna is determined to apply herself to her studies, get a job and be financially safe from the hardship and poverty that is only ever a stone’s throw away.

Anna finds what she thinks is love with Ned. Ned is everything she needs. He comes from a warm and welcoming home, he has ambition and to Anna he could be the one. She has fallen for the warmth extended by his family and what the whole package offers her, but as time passes, she comes to understand that Ned is not where her future lies.

One day, in a very unexpected situation, Anna meets Theo. Theo meets Anna. Cupid strikes it’s bow and Anna knows, she knows with absolute certainty that Theo is it.

And so begins a love story between two people who are made for each other. Anna is ecstatically happy and cannot believe that she has found her mate, her life is almost complete…..

When Anna was very small she started writing a diary to two imaginary characters, Fifi and Fox. In Anna’s mind these were her future children she was writing to. As the years passed and when life got particularly challenging, Anna would always turn to her diary for reassurance and comfort. They were her future. Fifi and Fox were part of Anna.

Life is not ever easy for Anna, but with Theo she learns how to love herself again. She finds her voice. As the days pass, she sees a bright future ahead filled with love and laughter. But Anna soon comes to realise that Theo is holding back a little. Theo has his own story to tell. Anna struggles between her rediscovered passion for life with Theo and this invisible wall that she cannot seem to navigate around or over.

Can love conquer all? Can Anna find true happiness with Theo?

Amanda Prowse is, at this stage, the go-to writer for family driven novels. She writes from the heart. In many cases she writes from her own personal experiences. Amanda Prowse has gained a huge following on social media for her very personal and personable interaction with folk. All are obviously very special to Amanda and I truly believe these two novels, Anna and Theo, are Amanda’s way of giving something back to her loyal fans. A love story will always win hearts and Theo and Anna’s story is no different.

Will Theo and Anna’s love for each other be strong enough to survive?

With each having their own stories to tell, we will have to wait until Theo’s story is published in April 2018 to find out…

(c) Swirl and Thread

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