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Awful Auntie by David Walliams

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By Caitriona Kalogeraki

Stella is a 12-year-old girl who has an awful auntie. When Stella turns 13 she is due to inherit Saxby Hall and her family’s wealth. But awful Auntie Alberta and her pet owl, Wagner, will not let that happen. When they lock Stella in the basement it’s just the beginning.

Like all of David Walliams’s books, there are funny elements along the way. Aunt Alberta wants to gamble all the money and destroy Saxby Hall so she can build an owl museum in its place! Aunt Alberta never wins a wager, and Stella knows she must find a way to get Alberta out of Saxby Hall for good!

The story is filled with lots of exciting moments. It is a bit dramatic and also a little bit sad at the times, but I think it is the best David Walliams book I have read so far. It was my favourite because it’s full of excitement, and awful auntie Alberta is funny.

The illustrator’s name is Tony Ross. I like the way he makes his pictures.

I would give it four stars!

I would also recommend this book for readers aged 7-12.

(c) Caitriona Kalogeraki – Aged 8

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