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Cú Chulainn by Wayne Kearns

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By Margaret Madden, BleachHouseLibrary.Blogspot.ie

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This famous Irish Legend is brought to life with the aide of wonderful illustrations and easy to follow wording. The children of Collon NS were more than happy to review this title and while some the kids had some limited knowledge of the story of Cú Chulainn, some were hearing it for the first time. The quotes below show how they really got into the tale and had their own ideas of how it would all turn out in the end…

Mid-way through reading:

“I think something is going to happen with a dog because it shows a dog on the cover.” Caoimhe (7)

“I think the book is very interesting.” Kate (7)

“I like it because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.” Amy (7)

“I really like the pictures in the book.” Rían (7)

“I like the cover because you’re not too sure what’s going to happen.” Dylan (7)

“I like the way Setanta is always happy in the book.” Clare (6)

Page 22 – Teacher asks “What’s going to happen?” :

“I think they might have a fight.” Ava (7)

“He won’t make it to the party and he’ll be sad.” Holly (7)

“The dog might try to eat him but he’ll escape.” Caoimhe (6)

Comments at the end of the book:

“My favourite part is when he was walking through the forest and he was scared. I like scary things.” Clare (6)

“I like the colourful pictures. They were very rainbow-ey.” Rhys (7)

“I liked the problem in it.” Ava (7)

“I thought it was weird because a sliotar wouldn’t kill a dog.” Adam (7)

“I didn’t expect the ending.” Ava E. (7)

Wayne Kearns books are a welcome addition to any child’s bookshelf, at home or abroad. Each title is also available as a colouring book too, which went down a treat with the school kids.

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