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Death Deserved by Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘A flamboyant serial killer
A cryptic calling card
A twisted mission that is far from over…’

Death Deserved is book one in the international bestselling, award-winning Blix & Ramm crime fiction series from two of the biggest names in Nordic Noir, Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger. Published in original paperback with Orenda Books, Horst and Enger teamed up to create what is described as ‘a dark, hard-boiled and emotive serial killer thriller’ Excellently translated by Anne Bruce, Death Deserved is a gripping start to a series that I have no doubt will introduce many readers to the incredible Nordic Noir genre. I’m a bit late getting to this book myself but can I immediately say what a treat awaits you all. I devoured it with my heart thumping, my pulse racing…..excellent read.

Although a crime fiction novel,Death Deserved is also a story about it’s characters. Alexander Blix is a police officer who walks with a shadow beside him every day of his life. Nineteen years ago he was the police officer responsible for killing the father of five-year old little girl. The memory of that case is forever embedded in Blix’s mind as he approaches every case since.

Emma Ramm is a celebrity blogger for an online news website. Emma is beginning to tire of the angle she always has to cover. She is looking for something more challenging, a case that will enable her to show off her investigative talents.

Sonja Nordstrøm, a former international athlete, never shows up for the publication day celebrations for the launch of her very controversial autobiography. Known for her tempestuous personality, the initial thought is that this was just typical Nordstrøm, but when Emma decides to check out her recent movements, she discovers that there is something more sinister at play.

Blix is immediately called in to investigate the possible explanation for Nordstrøm’s disappearance and as random clues start to appear as to her whereabouts, the investigative team soon realise that they are dealing with something much bigger than initially thought. Something threatening and malevolent is going on and Blix and his team need to use all the intelligence available to them as it soon becomes obvious that there is a ruthless and evil individual out there on a destructive mission who is fearless and highly innovative.

Blix and Ramm form an unlikely pairing but as the case develops, we get glimpses of their story that is interwoven through the pages of this addictive thriller.

I have no idea how two writers can seamlessly write a novel together of this caliber but they have. Blix and Ramm make a great team. The groundwork is certainly in place for an exceptional, and no doubt, very successful series.

Death Deserved will grip the reader and capture the full attention until that final page is turned. The complexities of this case are wonderfully created taking the reader on a thrilling and pulse-racing journey.

Death Deserved is a book that delves into the psychological, the mindset of the characters. With a very engaging story-line and an exciting plot development, Enger and Horst have created the perfect backdrop for the creation of this new partnership of Blix and Ramm. They are a very likable and charismatic pair with a fascinating history that ties them together. There are many layers to this tale and the talents of these two writers creates a smooth, taut and tangled tale that will get under your skin from the beginning.

Excellent collaboration. Excellent translation. Excellent launchpad for a new thrilling, compelling and completely addictive series.

(c) Swirl and Thread

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