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Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb

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‘A price on her head, and just 48 hours to expose the truth, and save her family.’

I’m sure you all heard me roar when I heard Steph Broadribb and Orenda Books had a new book en route in this fabulous series that has just grabbed my attention completely. I love Lori Anderson, this butt-kicking, hard-ass bounty hunter who fears nothing or no-one.


Lori Anderson is in a comfortable place. Her on and off partnership with JT is currently on and her daughter, Dakota, is happy. All three are living in, an almost, carefree bubble, with Lori always conscious that trouble is never too far from their door. JT is recovering from serious injuries inflicted during a previous job and Lori is only too happy to look after JT and look out for her family of three.

But trouble always finds Lori and before she knows it she is bundled into the back of a van one morning after dropping Dakota off at school. Hooded and tied up, Lori fights her inner fear and quickly attempts to assess this unnerving predicament she finds herself in. Arriving at a remote location, the hood is eventually removed and Lori discovers that it is the last place on earth she wanted to find herself…..it is the home of the head of the Miami Mob, Old Man Bonchese.

‘He’s been head of the Bonchese family for more than thirty years, ever since his papa was executed gangland-style outside one of their clubs. Under the Old Man’s direction the Miami Mob’s empire has grown ever bigger, and the business it does has gotten more twisted. No matter what he looks like, he’s a monster’

Lori has a decision to make. The Old Man is looking for the return of his ‘numbers man’, Carlton North, who is currently under the guard of the FBI. North is about to ‘talk’ as a federal witness against the mob and Lori’s job is to find him and bring him back to the Family, where he belongs. Carlton North is like a son to the Old Man and he is willing to trade with Lori. There is historical bad blood between Lori and the Miami mob with an outstanding price on Lori’s head. If she brings back North, her life is her own.

‘You get him free and bring him back and I’ll consider your debt paid. A son saved for one lost. A twist on an eye for an eye.’
And if I don’t?
You die…..’

Lori has 48 hours to find North and bring him home but where is he holed up and how can she locate his safe-house?

Now here’s the thing, when I read a Lori Anderson book, I read it in what I imagine her accent would be, I have her whole look visualised in my mind and I kind of immerse myself completely in her story. As Lori races against the clock in a gripping high-octane chase, my heart races along with her. This is the Miami Mob we’re talking about here so expect explosions, shoot-outs, dead bodies, blood, sweat, adrenaline pumping action and gators…..yes we return to the Everglades, a place I expect I will NEVER set foot in…EVER!!

While Lori races against the clock, it is up to JT to protect Dakota. As Lori’s job gets complicated, very complicated, JT is soon running to keep Dakota safe. Boat chases, bullets, sharks….yes Deep Dirty Truth has it all and I just love it.

Lori Anderson is tough. Life has hardened her making her an enemy not to be disregarded. As she battles the sinister and complex twists to this rescue, Lori soon realises that she is fighting against more than one foe. With JT and Dakota gone off-radar, Lori is prepared to take on anyone and anything and will not be silenced, as she intends seeing this job through to the end and ensuring her family is safe. She needs the price lifted off her head and she will face down anyone who gets in her way.

Deep Dirty Truth is a thrilling and electrifying ride with a gripping plot-line and THE MOST exciting female protagonist I think I have EVER come across. Think sweaty palms and heart-pumping moments as you get sucked into this page-turner, with barely a moment to catch your breath. In case you haven’t figured it out already, yes I recommend all three books in this series and am silently tapping my fingers awaiting Book 4….. *tap, tap, tap*

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