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Dirtbirds’ Guide to Self-Help by Sue Collins and Sinead Culbert

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Dirtbirds, Sue Collins and Sinead Culbert, are an Irish comedy duo who have been selling out venues all over Ireland since 2016. Their weekly sketches have a huge social media following and the pair regularly receive rave reviews after their sell-out live shows.

Published on 29th October by Hachette Ireland, Dirtbirds’ Self-Help Guide is described as ‘hilarious…with advice ranging from the slightly unorthodox to the barely legal’

Might just be the stocking filler you are looking for this Festive Season…

‘We live in a world where women are expected to have the patience of Mother Teresa, the arse of Jennifer Lopez, the culinary skills of Nigella Lawson and the BMI of Elle McPherson. The pressure to be perfect is relentless. This book is a guide to help you navigate the barrage of bullshit that we are subjected to on a daily basis and remind you that there is no such thing as perfect…’

These words are taken from the opening chapter of Dirtbirds’ Self-Help Guide, words that will resonate with many women across the globe. Throughout the book Sue Collins and Sinead Cuthbert inject humour into everyday scenarios with tongue-in-cheek advice laced with sarcasm and fun.

There are many chapters in this book, some which will be more relevant than others, depending on your own personal situation. For me my loudest laugh was most definitely the chapter entitled ‘The Torture of Raising a Teenager’ , I have two!

‘Most teenagers stop communicating with their parents completely and parents are left trying to decode their behaviour in a bid to understand the moody little b******s’

With headings like ‘The Annoying Shit They Do’ and ‘Stuff Parents Do That Annoy Teenagers’ , it really is an accurate description of life in many homes where the hormonal teenager resides.

Littered with anecdotes, case studies and questionnaires reflecting life’s more stressful moments, Dirtbirds’ Self-Help Guide has something for everyone to relate to.

I haven’t seen any Dirtbirds’ live performances but I would imagine if you have been to one of their gigs, the witticism and the pure Irish sarcasm and humour between the covers, would have a greater impact, no matter what part of the globe you inhabit!

I have to give a shout-out to Ciara Kenny, whose illustrations are just wonderfully scattered throughout the guide, adding an extra fun element to the book.

Dirtbirds’ Self-Help Guide is a light-hearted, whimsical read. It has plenty of wit, sarcasm and a very playful streak that I’m sure will delight all fans, both new and old, of this comedy pairing. A book to dip in and out of when looking for a giggle on an otherwise stressful day!

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