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Disaster Inc by Caimh McDonnell

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Disaster Inc ~ ‘Where there’s pain, there’s gain’ .

I’ve been a huge fan of Caimh McDonnell’s books from the beginning, having read all four books in The Dublin Trilogy. (yes that is four!) There is something about Caimh’s wit and comic timing, that features across all his books, that just appeals. I was thrilled to hear he had recently released a new series but with a very familiar face, my man, Bunny McGarry.

Disaster Inc, (aka Bunny McGarry #1), is described as a book that ‘melds high-octane action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit’.

I know there is the official book description for Disaster Inc, but I just love this alternative one…

‘The man, the myth, the legend. Bunny McGarry is back and stomping about the mean streets of New York. Join him as he takes a massive leap out of his comfort zone all in an effort to save the woman he loves. Before he can do that, he has to deal with a bit of a situation that happens over breakfast.

It’s like Jack Reacher if he’d taken more of a shine to the drink.’

I mean seriously, Jack Reacher with a drink problem? Get your head around that image!

Bunny McGarry is back, and as ever, he means business…but not until he drinks himself into oblivion and wakes up with the hangover from hell. With his money and mobile phone missing, Bunny soon realises that he is in New York, a different stomping ground from the streets of Dublin, a place where life moves a little differently, yet people can still act just as inane and stupidly. Bunny is well annoyed and goes in search of the one person who he says owes him from way back. But for Bunny McGarry, nothing is straightforward, as he soon finds himself part of a take-down at a cafe where he was about to enjoy breakfast.

Bunny McGarry comes into his own when faced with adversity. His one-liners and quips are written by Caimh McDonnell with such humour and laced with the Irish/Cork wit that I know so well. Most people in a robbery situation will panic, hands in the air, but for Bunny it’s just an interruption in his day, an inconvenience to his hangover…

‘No offence lads, but I’m not that intimidated by arseholes in balaclavas. I come from the country that invented the concept.’

What Bunny hadn’t expected though was to be caught up in a scam of mesmeric proportions involving ex-government officials with a team on-hand intent on keeping the silence, at what-ever cost.

Amy Daniels is the target and Bunny, against all his better judgement, finds himself by her side as the one person who can help her…

Bunny and Amy settle into some semblance of a partnership, in an attempt to salvage Amy’s reputation and save her life.

‘Amy found herself trusting him. As much as she could not put her finger on why, it was the notion that untrustworthy people, in her experience, put considerably more effort into their presentation. Bunny snorted, belched and aggressively scratched at his nether regions. The man was like a biological orchestra.’

Bunny had gone to New York, undercover, looking for the woman he loves. He is supposed to be keeping a very low profile but soon he is involved with wild horseback chases across parks, flash mob scenes, incognito disguises and taking down the bad guys. Bunny doesn’t do anything by half and in this latest series, his ability to see humour in dark situations and his fearless approach to any scenario, makes for an action-packed and very entertaining tale.

Bunny McGarry is an enigma. In Disaster Inc he is an Irishman let loose on the streets of New York, without a fear in the world for his own safety. He has the eye of an experienced policeman, with the talent to spot the baddy at all times. The combination of smartness and fearlessness make him a very dangerous foe indeed, as woe betide any who get in his way.

Disaster Inc is a great start to a new series from Caimh McDonnell. Bunny McGarry is such a wonderful character and his American adventures just add to his CV as our very own Irish Jack ‘Óg’ Reacher. The one item missing though is the hurley….Caimh where is the hurl?

Pure entertainment. Full of action, Irish humour and wit.

(c) Swirl and Thread

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