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Falling by Emma Kavanagh

Writing.ie | Crime/Thriller

By Margaret Madden, BleachHouseLibrary.Blogspot.ie

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When a plane crashes down in the snowy Welsh landscape, grief and shock is peppered with unanswered questions. Why did the pilot choose to fly in such dangerous weather conditions?

What exactly happened to cause such a tragic event? The pilot, Oliver Blake, has years of flying experience under his belt and his daughter, Freya, along with the rest of the family, struggle to come to terms with their loss. Surviving crew member, Cecelia, has her own inner demons to battle. She was about to leave her husband and child before the plane crashed and now feels trapped in the prison that is her own home. Meanwhile, the daughter of a former police superintendent has disappeared and her father suspects the worst.

In the aftermath of an aviation disaster, will a missing person fall through the cracks? Are a few drops of blood enough to make the police take her disappearance seriously? As the town mourns the great loss of life from the flight disaster, DC Tom Allison investigates the case of the missing Police Community Support Officer, under the watchful eye of her devastated father. When a body is discovered, the atmosphere turns to one of overwhelming grief and a need for answers…

This clever novel has many interlacing narratives, each with its own voice. The crew of the doomed flight, their families, the victims and the survivors. The missing PCSO and her heartbroken father, stripped of his former police authority and feeling helpless. The investigating detective and his struggle to balance his work and family lives. Throughout the novel, there is the cold, crisp presence of snow and the landscape is one of quietness and grief. The reader is party to separate character based chapters and there is a wonderful sense of getting the whole picture. Descriptions are detailed, sharp and intriguing, different personalities are combined without clashing and each character deserves equal attention.

This is a psychological thriller with echos of real life events (coincidentally), that asks the age old question, ‘How well do we really know anyone’? Emma Kavanagh is an astute writer, reeling the reader in at a steady pace, making each chapter a teaser for the next. Definitely an author to watch out for. A great read, written beautifully, but maybe don’t read on a plane (as I did)!

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