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Fing by David Walliams

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By Grace O'Reilly

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This is another classic and funny children’s story by well known author David Walliams.  Walliams has been said to be today’s Roald Dahl, and already has a host of other titles in his children’s series, including, The World’s Worst Children trilogy, as well as Mr Stink, Gangsta Granny and The Boy in the Dress which have been made into children’s films.  He has many other titles and is a strong reading advocate for children’s literacy.

Fing, is a story about a spoilt child called Myrtle, the nightmare child of any parent.  She is lazy, ungrateful and outwardly rude.  Her parents Mr and Mrs Meek are polar opposites to Myrtle in that they are hardworking, loyal and loving.  Truth be told they really need to grow a backbone and tell Myrtle the word ‘No’ and put her on the naughty step or ground her, but I suppose then there would be no story.

Myrtle has almost everything in the world that a child would want, and more.  However, this is still not enough.  On her birthday she wants a ‘fing’, and Mr and Mrs Meek have to first find out what exactly a ‘fing’ is, and secondly poor Mr Meek has to go on a fearsome, long and tiring pursuit to get his ‘princess’, a ‘fing’.

Inside of Fing there is a complimentary (half-eaten, mind) custard cream included, for the child who owns the book to cut out and keep.  The custard cream and all the other fabulous illustrations are done by Tony Ross, who illustrates many of Walliams’ other books.  He is well known for illustrating Francesca Simon’s Horrid Henry children’s book series, along with illustrating the works of many other authors.  Tony Ross is also an author and wrote and illustrated his own books, the ‘Little Princess’ series.

Walliams’ fun style of writing and quirky made-up names add to his books charm.  David Walliams even have his own dictionary for these bizarre and wonderful words.

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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