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Forget Me Not by Claire Allan

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘I disappeared on a Wednesday afternoon.
I was there one minute and the next I was gone…..’ 

Forget Me Not is the latest gripping thriller from Derry writer Claire Allan. Just published with Avon Books, it has been described as ‘THE MUST READ SERIAL KILLER THRILLER FOR SUMMER 2019’. I am delighted to be sharing my thoughts with you all of a book that truly showcases the writing of this talented author.

Forget Me Not opens up with THE most tantalizing prologue, describing the disappearance of a woman…..but in her own words.

‘They found my shoes. Well, one of them turned upside down and covered in dust. They found my car, unlocked. The driver’s window down. My keys in the ignition. My weekly shop melting and rotting in the boot…..They found traces of blood – mine – on the ground outside…..Signs of a struggle…’

And bang……so begins a tale of intrigue, a tale of suspense, a tale that WILL keep you guessing, keep you enthralled and keep you awake into the early hours as you attempt to read ONE MORE PAGE!

Forget Me Not is the story of three childhood friends, Rachel, Julie and Clare, who maintained their close relationship over the years. They all have experienced life traumas with marriage break-ups and family deaths, and through it all they have carried each others pain and always been a constant presence in each other’s lives. One day in June, the lives of these women change forever when Clare is discovered in a deserted pathway, early one morning, by a dog-walker Elizabeth O’ Loughlin. She has been the victim of a brutal attack, her body viciously damaged by a frenzied knife assault. Clare is breathing her last but she manages to whisper her final frightening words to Elizabeth before her life slips away.

The police establish a murder team to investigate Clare’s horrifying and brutal murder. As secrets slowly reveal themselves, it soon becomes clear that there is a very strong possibility of a serial killer at large, someone who had clearly planned Clare’s death and has a possible agenda to cause more devastation, more death. But why?

Rachel and Julie are understandably traumatized by the death of their best friend, their confidante. Unable to concentrate, unable to get the vision of Clare’s murder out of their minds, Julie and Rachel are frightened.

As the threads slowly unravel, Claire Allan takes the reader on a riveting journey, an, at times, heart-stopping ride. Forget Me Not is most definitely an addictive tale with quite a few smoke screens set up to misdirect the reader. Told from the perspective of the two main characters in the book, Rachel and Elizabeth, their two alternate stories are woven back and forth around a suspenseful plot that is very slowly exposed as the story moves on.

Forget Me Not is a very clever thriller. I’m very reticent to say too much in this review as it would be all too easy to reveal some details but what I will say is that I raced toward the finish, with my heart thumping, my kids abandoned and let’s just say dinner was very late that evening!! All the individual personalities shine through in Claire Allan’s characterisations. I was a little shaken after turning that final page……disturbed, uncomfortable, looking over my shoulder.

Forget Me Not is a deftly plotted tale, packed with suspense and surprises. With twists and turns aplenty, it’s a highly enjoyable tale, a compulsive read that will keep you on your toes as you swiftly turn those pages. Claire Allan has written an intriguing psychological thriller folks, with her writing just getting better and better. As Liz Nugent says…. ‘A new voice to be reckoned with…’

(c) Swirl and Thread

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