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Geek Girl by Holy Smale

Writing.ie | Young Adult

By Megan Punzet

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This is actually one of my favourite books of this year. Geek Girl is a hilarious piece of work that I couldn’t stop laughing at. Inspired by the author’s own real story, Harriet Manners is a social outcast and complete geek who’s spotted by a big fashion modelling agency by accident.

Now she must transform herself, into the person she’s always wanted to be, inside and out. But she’s going to need a bit of help from her family and her only friend Nat.

The story, although based on truth, was somehow very realistic mainly because of the brilliant characters and the emotion we get from them. My least favourite character though was actually Harriet for most of it, because even though she was funny and clever and the most relatable, I felt that her character was way overdone at times and it could sometimes make her way over the top, even if she is supposed to be horrible at being social. I really liked her step-mother Annabel, just because she reminded my of my own mother – you try to something without permission and you think you’ve fooled her when really she set the whole thing up and knew the entire time! So yes, I very much enjoyed this book and I very highly recommend it to every teenage girl and a couple of boys!

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