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Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity by Robert E. Kearns

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By K.C. Finn

Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity is a work of literary fiction penned by author Robert E. Kearns, and it focuses on the subjects of history versus the modern day, gothic fiction and high adventure. Based on the mythical island of Hy Brasil, reputed to have existed off the west coast of Ireland in ancient times, we find ourselves exploring the connections between ancient times and the modern day of Dublin and Waterford. Archaeological discoveries in the present lead us back to Hy Brasil and its learned ways, where the advanced society is unravelling in the face of a huge disaster. The mystery unfolds in both past and present, and our heroes discover that it isn’t quite over in the modern world.

Author Robert E. Kearns has created an effortless read that was easy to breeze through and escape into, thanks to his highly vivid descriptions, beautiful narrative voice, and dark, mysterious gothic stylings. The plot is traditionally slower-paced due to the high literary quality of the book, but as it pulls the strands together and builds to its crescendo, the level of thrill shoots up and new discoveries are made on every page towards the very end of events. All in all, Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity makes for an exciting and engrossing read, with a cast of characters realistically drawn with Irish flavour and ancient power, and a fabled land that Kearns whisks us away to on a sea of excellent words. Overall, Hy Brasil is a highly recommended read for fans of historical and mythical literary works.

(c) K.C. Finn

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About Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity:

A highly advanced society, Hy Brasil is faced with pending catastrophe and Olan is determined to live on. Archaeological discoveries throw light on a civilization previously confined to legend with grave consequences for a young couple caught up in this extraordinarily dynamic enigma.

Set in ancient and present times, this is a tale for readers who adore adventure, history and extraordinary epics. It embraces influences of the Gothic, Dickensian; so too, Literary, and then bonds them into a story which delivers a thrilling read that will captivate audiences from the start.

With its colourful descriptions, complex characters and a plot line as well as prose complete with symbolism and imagery,Hy Brasil is certain to entertain, spellbind and mesmerize the book lover for Eternity.

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