If I Was A Child Again by Various

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By Margaret Madden

A collection of memories and inspirational words from some of Ireland’s finest writers, journalists and TV personalities.
All royalties from this book go directly to Barnardos.

As a huge fan of Irish writing and of the work of Barnardos, buying this book was a win, win for me.

It is a perfect little package of the thoughts and views from 41 contributors, all who describe their thoughts of their childhood and how they would love to live it all again, change it, keep it the same or slow down their journey to adulthood. Some of the stories are heartfelt and show how the authors lives were very different in childhood, while others are a comic recalling of some of the things they did way back when life seemed simpler. Each have a personal touch and I could certainly identify with the recollections of school, libraries, weekly comics and how the grass would appear greener in some of my friend’s homes.

Most of the stories are nostalgic for more basic times, where there was less of a search for perfection on a daily basis, technology was less important and friends and family were the core of happiness.

This would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone, male or female, who enjoy good, simple writing, who have memories of a childhood where board games and family movies were on the menu and the contents of a Christmas Stocking were the highlight of their Christmas Day.

Well done Caroline Finnerty for compiling this wonderful collection and for helping Barnardos improve the lives of children.

If I Was A Child Again is available in paperback and Ebook format.

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