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Keep Her Close by M.J. Ford

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘They’ll always be two steps ahead of you.’

I recently read the first book in this series, Hold My Hand and am so delighted to have caught up with these books because, to put it quite simple, it’s a terrific series.

Keep Her Close was published in early March and we pick up, more or less, where Hold My Hand finished. The continuation is done relatively seamlessly making it accessible to new readers of the series, but I would always recommend starting with the first book to get a real feel for the characters. After experiencing very traumatic events, Josie is currently seeing a therapist and has a new man in her life, Lucas. Josie has serious trust issues and her relationship with Lucas is very fragile. Josie sees issues where there aren’t any and is quick to judge. She is human with all the frailties that that entails, which adds to the likability factor of her character.

A student disappears from a one of the many colleges in Oxford without trace or explanation. Josie Masters and her new colleague, DS Pryce begin the search immediately but keep coming up with loose ends. Within a very short time-frame a second and third girl go missing, all from different educational facilities. All the team are flummoxed, as there is no apparent connection and, more unusually no contact from the suspect. With limited time available to them, before any leads turn cold, the team spend every waking hour following up information, no matter how tentative.

As the clues start to slowly reveal themselves, it soon becomes apparent that Josie is central to the whole modus operandi…but why? As the team trawl through Josie’s past cases, time is running out for the victims and tempers begin to fray. The press are hounding for answers and the pressure is on to solve this case fast.

Josie’s personal life is suffering as she attempts to juggle everything, making her tired, overly suspicious and quick to judge. She is quite a complex individual with a tenacious approach to her work, resulting in many clashes with colleagues, in particular her boss. Josie is a bit of a firebrand in the office with a major hangup about the way her superiors handle her but she is also determined and focused, wanting results every single time.

Josie is fearless with absolutely no respect for her own life which makes her an incredibly exciting protagonist. She faces down every suspect with determination and righteousness on her side.

Keep Her Close is another exciting read from M.J. Ford with a gripping plot and an action-packed sequence of events. A great cast of characters make up this riveting story, with the relentless DS Josie Masters at it’s core.

Bring on Book 3!

(c) Swirl and Thread

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