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By Grace O'Reilly

Veronica Lombard’s Kite was published earlier this year by Boland Press.  The cover design is also Boland Press, whilst the image is @Dmytro Surkov/ beautiful white and red kites hovering in a blue sky.

Kite is Veronica’s first collection of memoirs and poetry based on her true-life experiences.  She is both a long-standing member of the Gorey Writer’s Group where she has been a part of two anthologies, Fledglings in 2016, and Taking Flight in 2019, both books published by Boland Press also.  Veronica is also a member of the Gorey Little Theatre and a Choir, and many pieces are related to these, including ‘All the World’s a Stage’ and ‘Gorey Little Theatre’.

Lombard’s use of vocabulary draws the reader into her world and evokes emotions with her moving and heartfelt words.  The sadness and heartache are etched within, poems on the loss of her beautiful daughter Niamh in ‘To hold her’ and ‘Niamh Cinn Oir’, who I believe is watching over her parents.  In ‘To hold her’,

“I held her close to my heart,…

Then to have her for such a little time…

Hold her, Mam, until I arrive.”

Other pieces talk about the loss of first loves and the bereavement of a life long pal ‘Pamela’.  There are pieces about good times on trips in a car and Father Christmas coming to the house on Christmas Eve.  Magical memories. In ‘Pamela’

“Elvis, Bob Dylan on your record player….

Your blue Volkswagen that travelled us far…

The Spanish holiday where romance blossomed….”

In ‘Father Christmas’,

“Memory of the excitement of Santa coming……The red star made of paper that my father minded from year to year…. My mother giving us a twist of the pudding mix and making a wish.”

Nature and living life are savoured and noted beautifully throughout in all of Veronica Lombard’s memoir pieces.  As a young child Veronica’s family were athletic, see her pieces ‘Sprinting’ and ‘Scrumping Apples’.

I love the opening piece written by her dear sister Bernadette Nolan, called ‘Ode to Veronica’.   Another great writer, so it seems, the gift of the pen must run in Veronica’s family.

A lovely warm and heartfelt book, a nice book to dip into whenever you choose, or can be enjoyed with a cup of tea by the fire in one setting, or as Veronica says in her poem about Pamlea with

“Baby Cham, Sherry, Bacardi and Coke.”

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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