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Lies Lies Lies by Adele Parks

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By Swirl and Thread

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They can make you.
Sometimes they come back to hurt you….

Lies Lies Lies is the second, and latest, domestic noir title from bestselling author Adele Parks and, in my rather humble opinion, she has truly nailed the genre with this one. Just published with HQ Stories, Lies Lies Lies is described by Marion Keyes as ‘gripping, moving and elegantly written’. It really is a very solid thriller with an abundance of tense and dramatic twists that just keep the reader gripped.

Marriage is the perfect backdrop for a domestic thriller and a not-so-perfect one is even more ideal. Simon and Daisy have struggled for many years to have the child they both wished for. After numerous consultations and medical procedures, they are both surprised and delighted when Daisy is pregnant and little Maisy is born. Their life is complete. But as time passes Simon hankers after another child. Daisy is content with Maisy but Simon wants a bigger family, a sibling for Maisy. Daisy struggled emotionally through the early years of trying for a baby and she is not ready to face these feelings again. Daisy wants to move on with their lives, just the three of them. But there is a problem…

Simon is a functioning alcoholic. Daisy has gotten used to Simon’s sessions. Over the years his drinking has spiked but he always settles back down to a measured level of consumption. He works hard, lets off steam occasionally and Daisy accepts this. At times Daisy covers for him and as a reader I could feel myself getting extremely frustrated with her behaviour. Daisy is a primary school teacher. Simon is an interior designer. They have a great circle of friends, they have good jobs but something is lurking in the background, a shadow that hides waiting to be discovered.

Simon’s drinking escalates to new levels and Daisy is initially lenient, excusing his terrible behaviour. But Daisy is completely unprepared for a turn of events that takes place one evening at a friend’s house, something that will change their lives forever…

I will not and cannot say anymore about the plot of this book as to do so would take from the suspense and the drama. Adele Parks has written a heart-thumping fast-paced, tense thriller. But she also tackles the important societal issues of addiction, abuse, obsession, depression and much much more, making this, at times, quite a tough read. Every single one of the characters in this novel is important to the plot. Their individual stories weave in and out of each other’s lives with relationships and friendships tested to the max. We get a behind-the-scenes look inside prison and the challenges faced for many inmates. We are drawn deep into the story as lives unravel and truths are finally exposed.

Lies Lies Lies is a captivating tale. Forget anything else in your day as your time will be completely devoted to peeling back the layers of this complex drama and unearthing the tragedy that lies beneath. Adele Parks has written a truly riveting and addictive read. Lies Lies Lies is packed tight full of secrets and lies, of fear and of despair.

A book that will hook you right in….

(c) Swirl and Thread

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