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Lull Me Full

By Dr. Hanna Prosnak

The poems in the poetry book Lull me Lull by Anna Banasiak are pure lyricism of confession. Certainly very personal. The author, referring to the image of father and mother makes her own inner world present with the help of metaphor. The key to this world is childhood which is a kind of impulse for reflection on existence in the world. This is clearly emphasized by the title of the collection, but also by the final lines of the poem Collar dedicated to father.

The authenticity of this poetry, the sincerity of  confession is noticeable during reading.

The image of childhood is shown through the figures of mother and father. Mother (in my perception) is a sense of warmth and smell (“you baked for me the world smelling of bread of childhood”, Mother’s hands). Father is the rock, the tower of strength, the hope (“lull me lull in the cradle of dreams”, “Daddy”.)

To the heroine of this world the concept of “porcelain soul” seems to adhere perfectly. It was used by Debora Vogel in one of her montages, the collection entitled Akacje Kkwitną was published in 2006. She called so people constantly surprised and in a smile of awkwardness. Such a soul shines through the poems of Anna Banasiak, this is how I perceive it. The conception of existence of individual being as swaying between the desire for balance and the conscious  anxiety in the real world is a great value of these poems. It concerns every human being.

Lull Me FullThe philosophical aspect of these poems is very important. All you need is close reading.

(c) Dr. Hanna Prosnak

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