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By Grace O’Reilly

The pamphlet Much Left Unsaid is the perfect read for someone who loves poetry and/or loves to read a book in one sitting, as this is short and sweet, yet powerful at the same time.  Finola Scott has twenty poems in this small booklet, giving readers a taster of Finola’s work.

This collection Much Left Unsaid was first published in 2019 by Red Squirrel Press.  The design is by Gerry Cambridge.  This book is helping the environment as it was made using certified paper by Forest Stewardship Council, printed by Love & Humphries.

Three poems that stood out for me were Camino, Arctic Colour Chart and Matryoshka Dolls.  They are three very unique poems in terms of mood and tone.  All of Scott’s poetry within this pamphlet are descriptive and well written and each will be relatable to different people in their own way.  Creativity oozes from the pages, and you can see that Finola bore her heart into each poem.

On page 9, her poem Camino packs a punch at the end of the poem

“reflect on heartache, incubators.

Bring the card to my lips.”

You can see that she is heartbroken and uncertain about the future.

Page 26, her poem Matryoshka Dolls, sets a completely different mood, although still baby related.  Her tone is excited about the birth of her granddaughter, as she feels her through her daughter’s baby bump.

“I cradle her cocoon

And feel in my daughter,

Her daughter dance beneath my hands

Practicing for later.”

In between these two poems on page 22 is Scott’s poem entitled Arctic Colour Chart which is mesmerising and beautiful, a visual delight.  A breath of fresh air.  It reminds me of Raymond Briggs The Snowman, where the Snowman and the boy go to the Christmas party and you can see the aurora borealis, this cold surrounding with a warm atmosphere.

“opaque sky…



creamwinged peachtinged”

A version of Camino was published in 2017 by The Blue Nib.  Matryoshka Dolls was published in Bonnie’s Crew Anthology in 2018, and in 2017 Arctic Colour Chart was published by Coast to Coast.

The works of Finola Scott have been widely published by an array of places including Gutter, New Writing Scotland, The Fenland Reed, Lighthouse and The Ofi Press.  Her poetry features on posters, postcards and tapestries.  Finola “was commissioned by St Anza International Poetry Festival for inclusion in a multimedia installation issued as a postcard in 2019.”

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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