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Parcels in the Post

By Theresa Jones

Parcels in the Post is an inspirational, compelling read.  This is a teenager’s reflection on her family’s move from London to their family farm in rural Ireland, the reader is immersed straight into the culture of the 1980’s and into their situation.  Fiona’s teenage memories of changing country and lifestyle from city to rural perfectly illustrate the profound impact on her family through the years as their life choice to become foster parents changes with every child they care for.

This warm story of family life is both funny and heart wrenching.  She has a generous loving Mother, a supportive father, who both held down jobs and helped older parents on their farm.  They raised their own three children; and gave a temporary home, endless love, patience and above all care to babies and children whose start in life would make your blood boil with the injustice of it.  Instead, without judgement, they integrated them into their own loving circle for as long as they had them; in many cases this became years.  The children of the family were amazingly unconcerned and equally accepted all new siblings in their stride, such sharing of both parents, home and possessions is a credit to how they were raised.

Parcels in the PostAfter reading this story, I feel inadequate, heartbroken but above all inspired.  It shines a light on a broken, struggling foster care system that over relies on the goodness of foster families who endure much to help others while providing a vital resource to our society.  The system clearly needs to be improved, restructured and re-imagined for both those cared for and the foster families who take them in.   You will love it.

(c) Theresa Jones

Servant of Time, Poetry Collection

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