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Perfect Crime by Helen Fields

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘Life or death.
Fight or flight.
Your darkest moment is your most vulnerable.’ 

Perfect Crime is the fifth book in this Scottish crime fiction series featuring DI Luc Callanach, a former member of Interpol but now working for the Major Investigations Team of Police Scotland. Based in Edinburgh, Helen Fields latest installment is described as ‘an unstoppable crime thriller’ and has just been published by Avon Books.

Perfect Crime opens up with quite a shocking and unsettling scene as we witness the thoughts and actions of a man about to commit suicide.

‘The impact of the fall, even onto water, would be devastating. He would suffer crushing injuries, probable brain damage, and if the force of his body hitting the water didn’t kill him, the temperature would take care of it in a matter of seconds.’

Stephen Berry’s intent is thwarted by the calm words of a suicide prevention counsellor who encourages him down from the heights of a local bridge. The crowd breathe a sigh of relief and Stephen is lucky. His life has been saved…… But a week later Stephen Berry is found dead on the grounds of a local tourist attraction, at the base of the castle walls. Did he jump? Or was he pushed? These are the thoughts of DI Luc Callanach and his colleague, friend and boss, DCI Ava Turner. With very little evidence to prove anything but suicide/accidental, the team close the case as an unfortunate death. But over the next few weeks, more suspicious deaths are brought to the teams attention, all deaths of people with a history of depression and suicidal thoughts. Is this just a coincidence? Or is there something darker at play?

Callanach and Turner are about to face down one of their most difficult challenges to date, as it soon becomes clear that there is a deranged and barbaric killer on the loose. This individual is one step ahead of them at all times and his modus operandi is that of a very sadistic and violent mind. With the media on their backs and their superiors looking for answers fast, Callanach and Turner have to dig deep into their own strengths to confront this very dangerous and frightening foe.

Luc Callanach has his own personal demons to deal with since he left Interpol under a cloud of suspicion. Ava Turner has been the one constant in his life since his move to Edinburgh, but now fresh circumstances have placed their friendship under threat and Callanach is frustrated and disheartened.

The two must continue to keep a professional relationship as they struggle to unveil who this demonic and evil person is, someone who is increasing in confidence as each fresh victim is discovered.

Perfect Crime is a fast-paced and very exciting novel. Helen Fields has been writing this series for some time now and the tension and suspense continues to thrill as you are taken on a journey into the mindset of the depraved and the brave. The characters created by Helen Fields are very real, adding to the overall reading experience. The chemistry between Callanach and Turner is most certainly upped a notch in this book but can they finally cross that line? Is a relationship between these two ever possible?

Perfect Crime is a fantastic addition to this series. This is my second book but I really had no issue in reading it as a stand alone. I mentioned in my review of Perfect Death that this series ‘reads like a Hollywood detective series’ and it really does. Just a warning though, some scenes are not for the squeamish among you as Helen Fields doesn’t spare in her descriptions!!!

Perfect Crime is dark and sinister with plenty of action to have you ripping through the pages. Highly entertaining. A great series.

(c) Swirl and Thread

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