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By Grace O’Reilly

Katriona O’Sullivan’s memoir, Poor, was the 3rd book that we read as a group in the Unislim Book-Club.  (Yes, Unislim has a Book-Club too, it’s about all types of health, and reading is great for the head!)

I part listened to it on Audio Books – it is read by the author – and partially read the physical book, which I borrowed from my avid reader friend and fab barista at The Coffee Pod Café in Gorey Town Park.  I had the absolute honour of virtually meeting Katriona as she was the Author Guest for our Unislim Book-Club meeting with Fiona Gratzer.

It is an easy to read book in the sense of its conversational and easy-going style of writing; however, do be warned that emotionally it is quite harrowing.  It is the painful story of how a very young child had to learn to grow up quickly in order to survive.  Abused mentally, physically, emotionally and socially, O’Sullivan shares her deepest and darkest times. Not only how she deviated from the destructive and devastating path that lay ahead of her, but completely turned her life around to be now living her happiest life.

Poor was first published in 2023 by Penguin, and is a must read.

I have great respect for and am awe-stricken at the sheer determination and willpower Katriona possessed to turn her life around.  Life indeed gave her more than just sour lemons, but she sure as hell made and still makes amazing lemonade.

This memoir is a remarkable, touching, courageous and at times comical tale.  The book goes even deeper than that again.

Katriona O’Sullivan is an inspiration and in my opinion a modern-day superhero, helping and lifting others up.  At the end of the day, that is what we should all be doing: helping, encouraging and lifting each other up.  Katriona’s strong lion-heartedness brought her to where she is today.  Katriona should be very proud of herself and of the difference she and her book will make to others.

PoorNow happily married to her husband, she has three children, a daughter-in law, and is also now a proud grandmother. O’Sullivan studied in Dublin’s renowned Trinity College and is now not only Katriona O’Sullivan – she is Dr Katriona O’Sullivan.

People have been in touch with Katriona about doing a film of her life.  Whether she agrees to it or not, this book is definitely not the last the world will hear of the amazing Katriona.

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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