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they all lied
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Described as ‘Riveting and thrilling in equal measure,’ Louise Phillips latest book, THEY ALL LIED, has already hit the bestseller list! Win your copy here! Here’s the blurb:

When Nadine Fitzmaurice, an office manager in an insurance company, gets a distressed phone call from her eighteen-year-old daughter, Becca, telling her she’s killed someone and is being held hostage, Nadine’s life is turned upside down. Dragged into the criminal underworld of organised crime, and under the scrutiny of Detective Sergeant Wren Moore, Nadine must now repay her daughter’s debt in order to gain Becca’s freedom..

But those closest to Nadine begin to question her version of events, forcing Nadine to become increasingly isolated in her fight for her daughter’s life.

And the more Nadine gets sucked in by those holding Becca, elements of her past, and a ‘TRUTH or DARE’ game that went terribly wrong years before, come to the surface, as secrets she thought were long since buried, begin to unravel.

18 years earlier, teenager, Evie Nolan went missing. She never came home.


One day Evie was there, and then she was gone

One day Becca was there, and now she is gone too

Sounds fab? Enter our draw to win your copy or order your own copy online here (free postage from BookStation)

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