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Rewrite The Stars by Emma Heatherington

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘It’s never too late to say I love you…’

Rewrite the Stars is the latest novel from bestselling author Emma Heatherington. Just published in paperback with Harper Collins, it is described as ‘a Sliding Doors meets One Day life-affirming story, it invites you to reassess all of your own tomorrows, it will inspire you to leave your regrets in the past, and it will remind you it’s never too late to discover a different you’.

I’m not going to lie…I shed a tear or two reading this one!

Rewrite the Stars is a love story. It questions the what if?, asking the reader…

‘Have you ever wondered how, in the blink of an eye, your whole life could have been totally different?’

December 2010 and Charlotte Taylor was living the student life in shared accommodation in Dublin, when her brother, Matthew, brought Tom Farley home. Matthew was a musician, as was Tom, and they were in the throes of attempting to pull a band together. The connection between Charlotte and Tom was instant. Charlotte played guitar and, with Tom’s encouragement, she performed beautifully a few of her own pieces right there in the ‘tiny, smelly, hormone-filled student sitting room.’ Charlotte was completely smitten with Tom Farley ‘with his old-school, movie-star-type swagger’, she fell immediately in love. But life happens, reality kicks in and Charlotte and Tom never did continue that budding romance in 2010.

The years pass and Charlotte taps down her creativity and dreams, becoming a primary school teacher instead, using her musical abilities and way with words in the classroom instead of on stage. But Charlotte never forgot Tom Farley. A chance encounter five years later and Charlotte’s life changes beyond anything she could have possibly imagined. Exciting possibilities stretch out in front of Charlotte, a possible future that she had secretly dreamed of but when a challenging situation arises, Charlotte has to make a decision that will break her heart.

Emma Heatherington takes the reader on such an emotional roller-coaster. Charlotte’s life goes through many transformations over the years. Charlotte doesn’t like to live her life according to the rules. There is an underlying need to be different, to challenge the system and to be her own individual person. Life has a way of sucking this individuality out of people and Charlotte tries hard to maintain her own person but with so many obstacles facing her, it proves to be very difficult indeed.

Charlotte’s story will resonate with many. Not for the specific details but for the idea of dreams being shelved and living the expected life, as opposed to the imagined life. As children we dream, we dream of being anything we want to be and believe that this will happen, but, unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out that way for most people. Charlotte’s character is wonderfully depicted. Her life passions, the importance she places on family and on her relationships, portray a person with generosity and a very big heart.

Rewrite the Stars is so much more than a romantic novel. Emma Heatherington raises many important issues in her book, in particular that of mental health. She handles it with great sensitivity, while also highlighting the impact of our actions and decisions on the well-being of others.

And….there is a song!

Award winning singer songwriter, Gareth Dunlop has written an EXCLUSIVE original song, ‘You’, just for Emma Heatherington’s novel. The lyrics of ‘You’ is featured within the book, so it really is a special and rather unique addition to Charlotte’s story. (The song is available online)

Rewrite The Stars is such a heart-warming read. The individual characters are all wonderfully depicted as they deal with life’s ups and downs. Filled with love and regret, hope and inspiration, Rewrite the Stars is a sentimental and affecting read, the perfect book to snuggle up with in the run up to the festive season.

(c) Swirl and Thread

Order your copy online here.


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