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By Grace O’Reilly

Printed in Great Britain by Amazon, this Rhianno & Ashley Book – Searching Across Poetic Sands is the forth book in their series of independently published poetry.  Book 1 is entitiled, Rhianno & Ashley – A Voyage of Poetic Discoveries, Book 2 is entitled, Rhianno & Ashley – Seeking Poetic Lands, Book 3 is entitled, Rhianno & Ashley – Seeing with Poetic Eyes and now this book, Book 4 entitled, Rhianno & Ashley – Searching Across Poetic Sands.

The text is copyright of Rhiannon Owens and Ashley O’Keefe, and the images within are either the authors own images or those from Pixabay.com and are in black and white, except for the colourful cover design.

They cover a multitude of themes in this book from the seasons, to our blue planet, to history and folklore, to love and mental health and many more.  Rhiannon and Ashley met at an online writers group, Merthyr Tydfil, in 2019, and have actually never met in person.

I like the fact that nature is instilled in so many of the pieces by both of the authors,

“Snowy Owl

Chasing the Autumn

the snow bites, frosting his wings

… does he give a hoot?”

I loved Rhiannon’s personification of “Jack Frost”, in the poem Frost Bites, and the acrostic poem of Hellraiser.  Rhiannon evokes so much feeling from this very short poem, called Masking the pain.

“Masking the Pain








In the poem Land of Dreams two things that were beautiful was the fact that, a) the poem Land of Dreams is written by Ashley and his daughter Erin, which is very sweet, and b) the Welsh translations,

“Gwlad ein Tadau            Land of our fathers

Gwlad y gán,                     Land of song

Gwlad breuddwydion      Land of dreams

B;e rydym ym [erthyn      Where we belong”

Ashley’s poem, Filling for her Pies, I think may have been inspired by Sweeny Todd, which I love, and if it wasn’t it was reminiscent of the film, which both my husband Simon, and I love.  I love the visual images that Ashley depicted in his poem Unfinished Painting, he certainly painted a picture in my mind, no pun intended.

Now where is Book 5?

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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