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Rules of the Road by Ciara Geraghty

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By Swirl and Thread

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‘The simple fact of the matter is that Iris loves life. Maybe she’s forgotten that. Sometimes that happens, doesn’t it? To the best of us?
All I have to do is remind her of that one simple fact.’ 

Rules of The Road is the latest book from Irish writer Ciara Geraghty and it is a book that wraps itself around your heart from the opening pages. Published by HarperCollins Ireland, it is described as ‘warm, witty and moving…a story of an unexpected road trip, second chances and the great lengths we will go for our dearest friends’ I could not wait to share my early thoughts with you all on this book as, quite simply, I’m hoping you will all order it immediately!

Rules of The Road is the story of a friendship between two women, that special relationship that some people are very lucky to find in their lives. It is a very unique bond, almost magical in it’s quality, as it allows for two people to just be who they are and express their true selves at all times, without judgement or without fear. Iris and Terry share this remarkable connection and over the years their relationship develops into one of extreme tenderness for each other. They have both witnessed various highs and lows, but have always been there for each other, as a supportive shoulder, whenever needed.

Terry has been married for years, choosing to be a stay-at-home mother for her two girls, and to keep the household in check. Her husband, Brendan, works hard and provides well for the family and Terry has always felt satisfaction with the tight ship that they sailed. But as the years have passed, her girls have moved on and it’s now just Terry and Brendan at home. He spends his days in a stressful job and Terry ensures that the dinners are cooked, the clothes are ironed and everything is as it should be. Brendan needs a calm environment when he comes homes and Terry is the perfect wife in this respect.

Terry’s father, Eugene, now with dementia, resides in a nursing home, where Terry regularly visits him, always with the hope that he will have a moment of recognition, a moment where Terry will be able to see him as he once was, her strong and able father. It is at an event hosted by the Alzheimer’s society that Terry crosses paths with Iris Armstrong. Iris is a whirlwind of a personality and, like yin and yang, the two soon establish an immediate, yet unlikely, friendship. Iris is extroverted. Terry is introverted. Iris is flamboyant. Terry is reserved. Iris is a free-spirit. Terry is a worrier. Poles apart, these two women become an instant support for each other and that magical connection happens….their friendship is cemented forever.

When Iris unexpectedly disappears, Terry searches her out only to discover that Iris intends making a solo journey without her, a journey she has no intention of ever returning from. With Eugene accidentally by her side, Terry makes the very spontaneous decision to join Iris as, initially, somewhat unwelcome travel companions, beginning an adventure of a lifetime, a road trip packed with incredible characters and moments of pure emotional heartbreak.

Ciara Geraghty has written a very, very special book, a book that will touch the hearts of many folk across the globe. Rules of the Road highlights many current societal issues, ones that most of us will experience at some time during our lives, as we witness illnesses and events that will mark our souls forever. The story of Terry and Iris is very poignant. There are books that impact us all in many ways, but I defy anyone not to be affected by this exceptional tale. Beautifully expressed, Rules of the Road will capture the heart of all who take this journey with Terry and Iris. This is a book to be shared, a book to be discussed, a book to be cherished and one that will make you think.

We really are only here for a short while folks and it really is our duty to enjoy every second of our lives.

Rules of the Road is a very powerful and captivating tale, an homage to the strength of friendship and a celebration of life in all it’s colours.

Highly recommend to all.

(c) Swirl and Thread

Order your copy online here.

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