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Sam’s Stories: The Irishman by Martin Hayes

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By Grace O’Reilly

Self-published last year, in September 2021, Sam’s Stories: The Irishman is a science fiction story, or as Hayes describes it as “a supernatural thriller”.  This is the sequel to Martin Haye’s debut indie novel entitled The Guide – Sam’s Stories.  It is set mainly in Ireland and the U.K as well as the fictional land of the fairies away from Earth called ‘Regnum Lux’.  The story briefly takes us around the world too visiting political and religious leaders.

Sam’s Stories – The Irishman is a thrilling mix of science fiction, merged with the supernatural, in this blood bathing, hot and raunchy, multiple murder mystery.

The blurb at the back of the book reads,

“Having fled Ireland due to the rising notoriety of his healing powers and a warrant out for his arrest, Sam is keeping a low profile in London working as a private detective.  As his curiosity draws him into the case of a missing teenage girl, the investigation leads him to uncover secrets in the criminal underworld and takes him on an unexpected and personally challenging journey where several familiar faces from his past returns.”

While there is erotica in this book too, there is less than Haye’s previous book.  The fairies seem to have more sex and free sex too, for that matter than a typical human being, unless perhaps Hugh Hefner!  Everyone has their different tastes, and if blood and gore is your cup of tea, there is plenty of descriptive gruesome scenes.

A book filled with demons and angels, fairies and humans, God and the Devil himself.  This page turner keeps you reading to the very end to see what will happen to Sam and his loved ones, and to see if the baddies get the karma that they deserve…or not?  Read a copy and see what you think yourself!

(c) Grace O’Reilly

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