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Smiling at Strangers by Nancy Lewis

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By Bonnie Davis

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Smiling at Strangers: How One Introvert Discovered the Power of Being Kind

Smiling at Strangers was written for us introverts and others who are shy and for people who think there needs to be more kindness in the world.  The author, Nancy Lewis, is committed to starting a Kindness Revolution in her home town of  Bellingham, WA, and has hopes it will spread worldwide with the help of her book. In her author profile, Nancy says she had always planned on writing a book, but she didn’t expect to get started after she turned 80.

I was drawn to this book because I’m very introverted and have a hard time making friends.  As a child I spent as much time as I could with my nose stuck in a book, but that isn’t practical as an adult.  Nancy’s book encouraged me to reach out to people more and to practice small acts of kindness every day. I pay more attention to the people around me, and I find myself reaching out more often with a smile or a compliment.

Smiling at Strangers is a handbook to leading a much more involved and satisfying life by showing simple kindness to others.  As you take each brave step you’ll find that many people will return that kindness to you. In some cases the kindness you give may be the highlight of someone’s day.  I highly recommend you buy a journal and keep track of your progress as you’re reading the book so you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

My favorite part of the book is this passage:  “My working hypothesis is that what we do as individuals affects everything. If we behave with kindness, everyone benefits in some measure. If we behave unkindly and without consideration for others, the world in some small or large measure suffers. It’s my belief that if there is any hope for this hurting world—the planet and all who share it—those of us who are willing must take responsibility for bringing the healing touch of loving-kindness to those we encounter wherever we find ourselves.”

The author shares the unique journey she took that led her to be more confident, brave and outgoing.  She was always kind, but she came out of her experience in writing the book understanding how kindness to others can change their life one day at a time.

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you live a more satisfying life, this book is for you.  It will help you to connect with others in a way that impacts the entire world in big and small ways.

(c) Bonnie Davis

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