Swerving to Solitude: Letters to Mama by Keki Daruwalla

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By Smeetha Bhoumik

Swerving to Solitude – Letters to Mama is the thoughtfully layered story of Seema, a spirited 70’s journalist, as she traces her journey and that of her mother’s, aligned with important historic moments and personalities; each impacting the other in vital ways.

The author, Keki Daruwalla is a magnificent storywalla, his casket of narratives nestling atop lyrical poetic weaves; and he stuns the first-time reader. His writing seems to proliferate one’s world with the silk & hessian of past’s threads woven into lived realities of the here & now, in which vividly etched characters loom out of history’s nooks; or fix unwavering eyes this very moment across the coffee table at you. Yes, the uncanny feeling of being there!

And this is just the peripheral aspect of his writing. The central and most distinguishing element is the way he weaves avant garde and  historic tumult in a joyous combine, reclaiming for the reader – grace, and moments lost in heartbreak’s haze! And that’s a tough one to accomplish. Only the most imaginative and most romantic may hope to do so, as they shatter social conditioning.

Does it mean that he is a born feminist? Or an equal rights crusader? A visionary?

Or is she? Follow in the footsteps of Seema, a 70’s journalist and wife of a bureaucrat, as she traipses across landscapes both known and alien, protesting the excesses of emergency, moving away from injustices… towards solitude.

A tale of intense integrity and introspection set in scenic spaces or difficult climes connecting Kangra,  Canada, California, Mexico, Moscow…Delhi…and an old world Lucknow.

(c) Smeetha Bhoumik

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