Tansy Bloom, Monster Hunter by L.J. Weller (Read by Tanya Reynolds)

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Tansy Bloom

By Karen Slammon

Tansy Bloom is anything but ordinary: she comes from a select group of Monster Hunters, whose mission is to protect humans against supernatural creatures.

The rule of Humans First should always apply except when just this once, it doesn’t.

Tansy crosses a line, compromising those she cares about and driving a rift between her boss, who also happens to be her mother. Tansy`s decision sets in motion a deadly chain of events.

Three months later, while on a Monster Hunting ‘break’ Tansy continues to hunt alone but maybe she`s not as unobtrusive as she thinks.

Back at her base in Chesham village with its motley crew of inhabitants, a handsome stranger, Seth Hastings appears just as a chance sighting of werewolves led old flame and fellow Monster Hunter, Rex Barclay back into Tansy’s life.

Then amid rumours of hauntings and a series of strange deaths in the Norfolk area Tansy questions whether a mysterious virus, a curse or the infamous Norfolk legend ‘Black Shuck’ is responsible. Tansy and Seth discover that the previous victims were all marked for death.

When Tansy comes face to face with `Black Shuck`, it becomes apparent that not only is she now marked for death, but that time is running out fast.

A frantic search to uncover the truth before anyone else dies, causes Tansy to question everything and everyone around her. Will her ‘blind spot’ be her downfall?

Can Tansy Bloom halt the ghosts, reconcile the past and prevent the inexorable wave coming for those marked for death?

Or will the truth of her own actions be too much for her?


Tansy Bloom, Monster Hunter is intriguing and amusing in equal measure with generous measures of thrilling suspense. L.J Weller has created a brilliant story weaving a modern day setting with the historical facts and folklore of Norfolk where she lives. This has really worked here, as I was totally immersed in the detail and descriptions of the area lending great authenticity to the location settings in the story. Powerful emotion underpins the story throughout revealing each characters motivation and layering the suspense in each chapter. I was guessing right up to the twist in the end.

The characters are vibrant and vivid. Each one so memorable, from Tansy herself to roguish Rex to dependable Hale (and of course Herbert). It takes real skill to write characters with convincing flaws and strengths, making the reader care about them, and I really feel that L.J has done this very well.

Tansy Bloom, Monster Hunter is read by Tanya Reynolds from Sex Education, she`s the perfect choice for this book, bringing each individual character`s nuance to life and totally engaging me into the story. Her voice is hypnotic and totally drew me into every scene.


Tansy BloomAs debut novels go, I can’t wait to read what comes next from L.J Weller. I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting tense audiobook original; I finished it in three days. Truthfully, I was a little bereft to leave Tansy, Seth, Rex and crew. Hopefully there`ll be more Monster Hunting in the future.

© Karen Slammon

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