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The Book of Learning by ER Murray

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This is the first book in the Nine Lives Trilogy. It’s about 12-year-old Ebony Smart, who lives with her Grandpa Tobias and pet rat, Winston. When Tobias dies, Ebony has to go to Dublin to live with a newly discovered aunt. Reluctantly she goes, leaving her childhood behind.

When she arrives at her new home, she learns that she is one a few people who can reincarnate. During a tour of the house with her Aunt Ruby, Ebony finds a mysterious book that has her name on it. Later that night she steals the book and reads about the reincarnating race and a guardian who can access the place where all the souls are kept. Also a dangerous man called Icarus Bean is out three somewhere, looking for Ebony. With the help of Aunt Ruby, Winston, two pre-historic wildcats, a new mind-reading friend called Zach and her past-selves, can Ebony find the guardian and Icarus Bean?

I loved this book so much that I made Lego figures of Zach and Ebony, and I don’t usually mix up my Lego figures! My mind was racing when I was reading this book, trying to piece together the clues, but I had to read to figure it out.
I can’t wait for the next installment in the series. I think this is another book to put on my favourites list…

I recommend this book for ages 10+.